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The subject of „Social and Cultural Sciences“ was developed as an attempt to approach the complex questions of contemporary society from an interdisciplinary perspective. We are confronted with the end of the 200-year long domination of „the West“ in the world.  We are experiencing an increased cultural impact of world religions, and we are producing a pervasive change of cultural knowledge in all areas of society.

At the same time, the opening-up of Central and Eastern Europe to the West has initiated a complicated process of upheaval and transformation that has generated both new forms of modernization and regression to regional and national traditions. During the Cold War, the question „Which side are you on?” was sufficient; however, that question has been replaced by the question, “Who are you?”, which is a bit more difficult to answer. The cultural philosopher Ernst Cassirer answered this question of the often confirmed „identity“ of a society with the following: „The varied forms of culture are not held together by some central force, but rather, because they are confronted by a basic common problem or function,”. These historically alterable problems and functions are worth scientifically researching. The Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences seeks to take this claim into account by promoting the interdisciplinary relationship between the humanities and social sciences in these representative disciplines: Cultural History, Social Sciences, Literature and Linguistics.

The European University Viadrina – „Viadrina“ simply means „that which lies on the Oder“ – offers its students the opportunity to get acquainted with the Europe of past and present as an idea, as a concept, and in reality in the city of Frankfurt, which serves as a „bridge“ between Poland and Germany. Because language brokers the access to other societies, an education in social and cultural sciences requires a high degree of foreign language competence in addition to the preparedness for a semester or year of study abroad.