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Arne De Boever

Am 7. März 2013
Ort: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Arne De Boever teaches American Studies in the School of Critical Studies at the California Institute of the Arts, where he also directs the School’s MA Program in Aesthetics and Politics. He has published numerous articles on literature, film, and critical theory and is editor of Parrhesia: A Journal of Critical Philosophy. He also edits the critical theory/philosophy section of the Los Angeles Review of Books. He has written two books--States of Exception in the Contemporary Novel (Continuum, 2012) and Narrative Care: Biopolitics and the Novel (Continuum/Bloomsbury, 2013)--and is at work on a new project on psychosis in the contemporary American finance novel named "Finance Fictions"

ABSTRACT: This workshop will aim to assess the contemporary novel's relation to three buzzwords in late twentieth- and early twenty-first century theory: the state of exception, biopolitics, and speculation. Moving through his books States of Exception in the Contemporary Novel and Narrative Care, literary critic and critical theorist Arne De Boever will return to the contemporary novel once again to investigate the effects of finance capitalism on the human psyche.