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Sommersemester 2020

Contemporary Latin Popular Music: Multilingualism and Multimodality of Performance

Kulturwissenschaften: Vertiefung // Linguistik: Vertiefung | 6/9 ECTS

The course focuses on Latin popular music from 2000 to the present day. Since the phenomenon of Latin music is extremely wide, the course is limited to the genres actively present on the global music market – bachata, Latin pop, Latin trap, reggaeton, and salsa. During the course we will (try to) answer such questions as: What is popular music? What is the difference between popular, pop, and mainstream music? What does the term “international” mean in the context of Latin music? What makes Latin music a global(ly popular) music? What is hybrid music genres? Do “pure” music genres exist in the beginning of the millennium? Moreover, we will explore how different semiotic modes – linguistic, visual, and musical – interact in multimodal performance through the example of some popular music acts, e.g. songs, albums, videos, and segments of concerts. Special emphasis will be placed on multilingualism of contemporary Latin music which uses Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English. We will analyze how two or more languages are combined within a single song and which pragmatic, poetic, and stylistic functions code-switching occurrences fulfill in different music genres.

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