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Migration in the Context of Global Inequalities

Dienstag, 14:15-15:45 Uhr

Raum: GD 206

BA-Seminar: Vergleichende Sozialwissenschaften-Vertiefung

6/9 ECTS

Veranstaltungsbeginn: 14.04.2020

In this seminar we will investigate the links between the cross-border mo­vement of people and global inequalities as they are shaped by national and regional border regimes, by legacies and continuities of colonial history, and by the contemporary dynamics of neoliberal capitalism. We will then use these insights to critically examine (anti-)immigration discourses in Eu­rope.

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Students need to engage in intensive reading, contribute actively to class discussions, and need to submit five critical reflections (1 page each), one each for five different sessions, reflecting on the mandatory reading(s) to be discussed in that session.

Sprache: Englisch