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Home and Dwelling in Migration Research. Theoretical and Methodological Challenges

Dr. Darja Klingenberg

6/9 ECTS

BA-Seminar: Vergleichende Sozialwissenschaften-Vertiefung; Kulturwissenschaften-Vertiefung


Montag: 14:15-15:45 Uhr

Veranstaltungsbeginn: 02.11.2020

When does a corner, a room or street become a home? How does a place become part of you after a while? How can we locate home in transnational migratory practices in the social politics of the neoliberal nation sate? How to understand the economy, politics and poetry of home?

Historically homes have been examined as sites of reproductive work, as a sphere of domestic violence and a refugee for marginalized subjectivities by Marxist, scholars of Color and queer and feminists writers. Feminists Geographers and postcolonial theorist discussed the complex relationships between those who are allowed/or forced to become mobile and those who can or have to stay grounded. Negotiations over decent housing and affordable real estate form central relationships between states, citizens/and non citizens, their aspirations or entitlements towards secure living and the comforts of modernity. Over the last years a new strand of research on home cultures and migration began to prosper, nourished by broadened perspectives of the material, practical and spatial turn and the debates of transnationalism and mobility studies.

This course will introduce you to the classical and recent discussion on dwelling and home making giving insights into current debates on social inequality, migration, post-colonial and feminist critiques.

This class adresses advanced BA-Students.

The Seminar will be conducted in English and/or German according to students needs and abilities.
Readings are mostly in English, Presentations and Essays can be in English or German.

Students are expected to prepare the readings and actively participate in class and moodle discussion. Reading diaries are expected for a number of sessions.

Will be announced.