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Migration in the Context of Global Inequalities

Prof. Dr. Kira Kosnick

6/9 ECTS
Seminar (Präsenzveranstaltung): Vergleichende Sozialwissenschaften: Vertiefung
Veranstaltungsbeginn: 19.10.2021
Di, 11:15 - 12:45 Uhr
Ort: GD Hs8

In this seminar we will investigate the links between the cross-border movement of people and global inequalities as they are shaped by national and regional border regimes, by legacies and continuities of colonial history, and by the contemporary dynamics of neoliberal capitalism. We will then use these insights to critically examine (anti-)immigration discourses in Europe.

Students have to read all mandatory texts and regularly attend all sessions - if you miss more than three sessions without valid excuse such as a doctor's certificate, you will not pass the course. In addition, you will submit a minimum of six two-page essays for different sessions, answering the questions listed in the syllabus for the respective mandatory reading. You need to submit these essays by the deadline given in the syllabus BEFORE the respective session in which we discuss the reading. Students aiming for 6 ECTS credits need to submit 12 pages in total, students aiming for 9 need to submit 20 in total by the end of the course. All students wanting ECTS thus need to submit at least six essays for different sessions of the seminar, meeting weekly deadlines. Those aiming for 9 ECTS can submit the additional four (2 pages each) by February 28, 2022.

Sprache: Englisch