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İstanbul Bilgi University and European University Viadrina

"Teaching and atmosphere were fantastic, I very much enjoyed the feeling of being welcome in Istanbul. "
(Alumni, 2010)

İstanbul Bilgi University and European University Viadrina share locations at the borders of two areas of different cultural influence: Istanbul between Europe and Asia, and Frankfurt (Oder) between what is perceived as former Eastern and Western Europe. In these demanding environments, both universities play special roles in building bridges of understanding and reconnaissance between the different nations and regions. The cities of İstanbul and Berlin (which is about one hour from Frankfurt Oder) play an important role as dynamic centres of the two countries. Istanbul is the capital of commercial, cultural and artistic life in Turkey. Similarly, Berlin offers a great variety of activities in culture and politics as well.

İstanbul Bilgi University

İstanbul Bilgi University was founded on 7 June 1996. Over time İstanbul Bilgi University has grown to encompass 4 main campuses that total 158,000 m2 and it is on these four campuses (Kuştepe 25,000 m2, Dolapdere 18,000 m2, santralistanbul 112,000 m2  and Kozyatağı 2,880 m2) that it continues to serve its students and the academic world in Turkey. The university currently has 25,000 students, nearly 1,000 academic staff members, 7 faculties, 5 institutes, 4 schools, 3 vocational schools, and 200 programs that provide education to its associate, undergraduate and graduate students. As of 2017, the university has graduated approximately 30,000 students. For more information you can visit official website. Here you can find the İstanbul Bilgi University introductory video.

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Istanbul Bilgi University Santralistanbul Campus
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European University Viadrina

Since the reopening of the Viadrina in 1991, the European University has developed into an internationally renowned address on the German-Polish border, with approximately 6,000 students now enrolled. European and international aspects of law, economics and culture play a special roll in degree plans offered by our faculties of Law, Business Administration and Economics as well as Social and Cultural Sciences. Here you can find the European University Viadrina Cultural Studies Department introductory video.

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Europa-Universität Viadrina, Hauptgebäude


Centres of European Studies

Special projects, such as the European Institute at Istanbul Bilgi University and the Viadrina Institute for European Studies (IFES) at Viadrina, promote both teaching and research in European Studies.

The European Institute at İstanbul Bilgi University is dedicated to research on EU politics and policy with specific emphasis on foreign policy, politics in the expanded EU neighbourhood and relations between Turkey and the EU within the scope of EU enlargement.

The Viadrina Institute for European Studies explores interdisciplinary social, political and cultural figurations on the European continent and in its global interdependencies. The focus is on historical and contemporary processes of Europeanization, including their inherent ambivalences. With this in mind, the IFES research aims to provide impulses for a well-founded reflection of "Europe" and to establish a critical perspective within the European Studies.