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Lecture and Seminar, Prof. Dr. Michal Buchowski

Football culture and practices in Central and Eastern Europe

Course Description:

The lecture address broadly understood cultural images and practices related to football in Central and Eastern Europe. In particular, we will problematize football as:

1) a form of popular culture;
2) factor in identity making (‘nationalisation of the masses’ and segmentary organisation of football clubs’ supporters);
3) football hooliganism (violent form of fandom).

All these problems are seen in anthropological perspective.  It involves, among others, a view on culture as a dynamic pattern of rituals, myths and social drama  (V.T. Turner), presentation of the self (Goffman), symbolic communication and ‘tribal belonging’, and sport as religion. It also means a critical view on football subcultures as a product of class relations as well as facilitated by football identities which in extreme forms can lead to chauvinism and football clubs’ extreme partisanship.



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