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Aziz Nesin Guest Lectureship

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Welcome to the website of the Aziz Nesin Guest Lectureship and the lecture series Diversity, Migration and Identity.

With the Aziz Nesin Visiting Lectureship, the European University Viadrina and in particular its Master's Program in European Studies promotes international academic exchange in the field of social diversity. This cooperation with Bilgi University in Istanbul continues and further consolidates long-standing cooperative relationships.

Guest lecturers from Bilgi University in Istanbul are regularly invited to Frankfurt/Oder to teach and conduct research on diversity, migration and identity, among other topics. The associated lecture series "Diversity, Migration and Identity" provides a platform for exchange and discussion. Here, the guest lecturers are given a stage to present their current research to a broader academic and non-academic public.

The naming of the guest lectureship "Aziz Nesin" symbolises the thematic focus on social diversity and at the same time recalls Aziz Nesin's literary, political and social work.