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Welcome to the website of the double master's programme of the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) in cooperation with Sciences Po Strasbourg!

Bienvenue sur le site du double cursus à Sciences Po Strasbourg et à l'université européenne Viadrina ! 

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The Double Master's Programme is a joint programme of the Viadrina and Sciences Po Strasbourg, which exists since the winter semester 2009 and is one of the integrated study programmes of the Deutsch-Französische Hochschule (DFH). Since then, over 95 participants have earned their double Master's degree (as of 10/2019). Seven MES students will also be able to participate in the programme in 2022/23 (subject to approval by the DFH).

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Students receive a profound education about Europe and the European Union in the disciplines of political science, economics, law and cultural studies. The focus here is particularly on politics in Europe. Teaching is mainly in German and French, but also in English.

A short information film about studying at Sciences Po Strasbourg can be found here. The film was made in the context of the Master's programme in Affaires Européennes and was realised by Hans von der Burchardt and Simon Vigueur.

  • You will spend the first two semesters at the Viadrina.

    • In the winter semester, you should complete the 4 basic modules of 24 ECTS each, as well as a first course from the major subject with 6 ECTS.

    • In the second semester, another 30 ECTS must be completed, either from the central area or compulsory elective modules.
      This results in a total of 60 ECTS for the first year of study.

    • No points can be earned in the modules "Practical Skills" and "Foreign Language" within the framework of the double master's programme.

    • For the French programme participants, no more than 20 ECTS may be acquired in their native language at the Viadrina.

  • German and French students spend the third semester together at Sciences Po Strasbourg.

    • In this semester, a total of 39 ECTS must be acquired.

    • A "spécialité" is chosen at Sciences Po. The choices are "Politiques européennes et affaires publiques" (PEAP), "Sécurité de l'Europe et stabilité internationale" (SESI) and "Politiques européennes et franco-germaniques" (GER).

    • This is followed by a compulsory internship of at least 3 months. The aim is for the students to develop a topic for their master's thesis from the internship. The thesis must be written by the end of the summer semester, i.e. in September, and is credited with 21 ECTS after a successful defence. The thesis must be supervised by a German and a French lecturer in co-tutelle.

    • Students acquire two Master's degrees for 60 ECTS credits each, i.e. the German and French grades are not offset against each other. If at least 12 ECTS were acquired in English during the degree programme, the certificate "Multilingualism" can also be issued. The decisive factor for this is the examination regulations of the MES.

      • The following degrees are awarded for successful completion:

        • Degree Germany: Master of Arts in European Studies

        • French degree: Master Études européennes et internationales

          You can find an exemplary study plan here.

The selection procedure takes place once a year every summer. The application deadline is 15 July (date of receipt). Subject to acceptance by the DFH, accepted students spend the winter semester, as well as the summer semester, at the Viadrina, and go to Sciences Po Strasbourg for the following winter and the following summer semester.

Up to seven places can be allocated. If you do not receive a place in the double master's programme, your application will still be valid for the regular Master's programme in European Studies.

Future students who wish to apply for a place in the double master's programme go through the regular online enrollment procedure of the Viadrina. In the online portal, please check the box "Application for a Double Master Program". The enrollment documents to be submitted are the same as for a regular place on the European Studies programme. In addition, you must upload a letter of motivation and a CV in French and prove French language skills at the level of at least UNIcert II.

The Viadrina does not charge tuition fees. All students pay a semester fee, the Semesterbeitrag. Although this fee is to be paid upon enrolment and re-registration, it is not an amount for the Viadrina, but is passed on in full to the Studentenwerk or the AStA.

German students are exempt from tuition fees at Sciences Po Strasbourg.

There is the possibility to apply for an Erasmus grant via the European University Viadrina. There are currently seven Erasmus places available per academic year. After successful application for the double master's programme, a separate application must be submitted to the International Office. Erasmus rates are expected to be 540€/month for the academic year 2022/23.

In addtion, the Deutsch-Französische Hochschule supports students during their time abroad with a monthly mobility allowance (currently 300 €/month; as of 05/2022).

Important Documents

Form for the Certificate EUV (SPO 2008) Formular Zeugniserstellung EUV (SPO 2008) an der Viadrina

Form for the Cerificate EUV (2008) Formular Zeugniserstellung EUV (SPO 2017) an der Viadrina

Plaquette of Sciences for the double master's programme Plaquette der Sciences Po für den Doppelmaster 

Conversion table Umrechnungstabelle

Course of Study for the programme Studienverlauf Doppelmasterprogramm

Cooperation agreement (french/german) Kooperationsvertrag (französisch/deutsch)

All about studying

Official Website of Sciences Po Strasbourg

Deutsch-Französische Hochschule: Deutsch-Französische Hochschule (DFH/UFA)

FAQ for students of the DFH/ UFA:
FAQ für Studierende der DFH/UFA

Enrolment at the DFH
Einschreibung bei der DFH

Project Pensées Francaises Contemporaines (events, conferences and publication on French thought and studies at Viadrina)

Results of the graduate study 2019 Ergebnisse der Absolventenstudie 2019

Interactive Guide: Studiying in France (German/ French)

Information about studying in France (German/ French)

Instagram-Account from french and german students


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