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Master of Arts
in European Studies


Trust in Political Organizations
Seminar: ZB Po, WPM 1, WPM 5
Block, Ort: AM 02,
Veranstaltungsbeginn: 22.05.2018

This class examines trust in political organizations (political parties, NGOs, labour unions, special interest groups) and confidence in political institutions (presidency, government, parliament, local and regional authorities) as a glue of political structure and a driver of political system. It starts with definition, types and different concepts of trust. At the next stage we will move from trust to political trust, analyzing origins of political trust (according to cultural and institutional theories), methodological approaches and empirical data. Neo-Institutionalism theory is chosen as the basic methodology for researching trust in political organizations and institutions. Political trust is considered to be a set of well-disposed normative and evaluative citizens’ orientations concerning activities of political organizations and institutions. The roots of these orientations are in traditions, values and norms gained during socialization, updated by rational or affective evaluations of performance of political entities. Some additional country-specific factors of trust in political organizations and institutions will be presented at the end of the class.

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen: Die Anzahl an SeminarteilnehmerInnen ist auf 25 Studierende begrenzt. Anmeldungen bitte an mes_students bis zum 20. April senden.
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