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EU-Turkey Relations

Seminar: Zentralbereich Politik / WPM 1: Regieren in Europa / WPM 4: Regionalentwicklung in Europa / WPM 5: Kultur, Geschichte und Gesellschaft in Europa

Block online: 07.05.2020 – 16.07.2020, donnerstags von 14-17 Uhr, außer am: 21.05.2020 wegen Feiertag

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This course is a core interdisciplinary MA module which focuses on the various dimensions of the relations between Turkey and the EU including democracy, foreign policy, economy, the customs union, immigration, public opinion and identity from the lenses of contemporary theoretical debates on European integration. Upon successful completion of this course, the students will be able to

- understand the historical background of EU-Turkey relations.

- explain the major issues that underlie the relations betweentwo sides.

- make analyses from an interdisciplinary perspective covering political science, economics, sociology and anthropologyin situating EU-Turkey relations.

- use web-based and academic research techniques.

- Present orally (and in written form) research findings.

Hinweise zur Veranstaltung/zum Blockseminar: Anmeldung bis zum 20.04.2020 an:

Leistungsnachweise: 3 ECTS = 1 presentation or 1 book review (4 pages long); 6 ECTS = 1 presentation + 2 book reviews (approx. 5-6 pages each); 9 ECTS = 1 presentation + 1 term paper (approx. 20-25 pages long)

Hinweis: Präsentationen werden voraussichtlich in Form von Diskussionsrunden absolviert.

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