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Languages Skills for the MES

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Foreign Language Module

In the language module, you receive 18 ECTS (SPO 2008) or 12 ECTS (SPO 2017) for a UniCERT I (only SPO 2017; not English), UniCERT II (not English) or UniCERT III in a modern foreign language. In order to receive credit for the MES, you must have taken the examination in the course of your MES studies. If necessary, equivalent language examinations are also permissible; in this case, please contact the MES Coordination Office. The language courses of the Viadrina Language Centre are available to you for this purpose, but examinations from other universities are also accepted if they are equivalent.

Minimum language requirement

Within the framework of the examination regulations, all MES students must successfully complete an English-language course (§1 Para. 2 PO) and submit a written paper in English or pass an examination, for which 6 ECTS are to be credited (§18 Para. 1).

Additional certificate "Multilingualism"

Since the Master's programme explicitly aims to promote multilingualism as a characteristic of cultural diversity in Europe, content-related courses are offered in various foreign languages. Students who also specialize academically in foreign languages can obtain a special "Multilingualism" certificate if they meet the following requirements:

  • They must have taken at least 24 ECTS credits in at least 4 content-related foreign language courses.
  • At least two foreign languages must be studied and at least 6 ECTS must be earned for one course.
  • If the credits are acquired in only two languages, 2 credits with a total of 12 ECTS per language must be acquired for each language.
  • If more than three foreign languages are studied, 6 ECTS can also be completed in one language (example: English + French + Spanish + Russian course 6 ECTS each).
  • Courses in all languages offered can be attended.