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All MES students are required to complete at least a four-week internship related to European Studies and demonstrate that a variety of pre-vocational activities are undertaken. In this way, they should broaden their skills and, in addition to gaining in-depth insights into career prospects, also have the opportunity to make contact with potential employers. The prerequisite for the recognition of the internship for the MES can be found in the internship guidelines.

We consider an internship duration of 3-6 months to be advisable, as this will give you more intensive impressions and allow you to better develop your skills. We offer you various options for this, such as taking a semester of leave.

Criteria for the recognition of internships

Please inform yourself here about the requirements for the recognition of internships. It is possible to recognise an internship already completed before the start of the MES. However, this internship may not have been completed more than one year ago and it may not have been credited as part of another module, another degree programme or elsewhere (the Bachelor's transcript will be checked in this regard. An attempted double crediting corresponds to an attempt at deception and will result in legal consequences).

Recognition of internships

The recognition of internships for the MES is no longer done via the pdf application form, but via an online form. The form for credit transfer in the PF module can be found under the heading "Standard Forms".

Online form internship recognition

You can apply for recognition of your internship as academic credit by submitting an internship report. To do this, you must complete an online form after completing your internship and submit a copy of your internship report.

Procedure for preparing the internship report
Please prepare a separate report for each internship that is to be recognised.

1. log in to the online form.

The login data are the same as for your student account (access to e-mail, HIS, Moodle), i.e. euv999999 and your corresponding password.

2. Please fill in Part I and Part II of the internship report completely.

The MES is listed as "Inter-Faculty" under the heading "Faculty". If the entry is correct, the red text frame turns green. Incomplete or incorrectly completed forms CANNOT be converted to a PDF report in the next step and thus CANNOT be sent.

Please note that you CANNOT save the report and continue writing at a later time. After logging in, the online form is connected to the Viadrina server for 2 hours. If the report has not been sent by then, the data entered will no longer be available. Therefore, please have all necessary data (name and address of the internship employer, etc.) and files (internship certificate as pdf) ready.

3. Next, a PDF will be created from your internship report. Please save, print and sign the report. Then upload both parts of the report as well as a scan of the internship certificate.

4. In the following step, you can write a personal message to us.

5. Now please send the online form to us (we need it online and signed).

Now your documents are complete. If any documents are missing or if there are any queries, we will contact you by e-mail.

Here you will find a list of links to international organisations, internship programmes, foundations and many interesting contacts.

To apply for an internship at the European Parliament, take a look at the guide.

Information on rights and obligations during an internship can be found on the page of the DGB-Jugend

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