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Master of Arts
in European Studies

Living in Frankfurt/O.

Students of the Viadrina University primarily live in three cities:
Frankfurt (Oder) / Słubice / Berlin

Frankfurt (Oder)

In Frankfurt you can find student housing in the various halls of residence maintained by the Studentenwerk. You can choose between single rooms and flat-sharing communities. Furthermore, there is also the option of private accommodation.


Student housing and private accomodation is also available across the Oder river in Poland (Slubice). There you will find a campus with furnished single rooms and flat-sharing communities. For further information please click here.                                                                


Some students make use of the semester ticket and commute by train between Frankfurt (Oder) and Berlin several days per week. The trip takes about one hour on the regional train that departs from a number of main stations in Berlin. The semester ticket allows students to travel throughout Brandenburg and Berlin for the duration of their studies.