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Master of Arts
in European Studies


General Requirements

Those applicants interested in taking up the Master in European Studies must have completed a first degree (B.A. or equivalent qualification) in the field of law, politics, economics or cultural science. It is vital that the classification of your first degree is based on one final mark, as this is decisive for determining your ranking in the application procedure. The nature of your first degree is also paramount in deciding to which major you will be assigned. Further crucial requirements for the programme are key scientific research skills and a high level of motivation.

Language Requirements

Generally the classes will be held in German, but students will also have access to classes held in English, French, Polish and Spanish. Applicants must be able to prove they have sufficient knowledge of the German language (DSH level or equivalent) when they take up their place on the programme. Should this not be possible, applicants will be required to sit the university DSH* examination, which can be taken at the University’s Language Centre before the start of the semester (usually at the end of March or September). Applicants may only take this examination if they have already met certain language requirements and are in possession of corresponding language certificates. Applicants who pass this exam will then be able to register at the university. Should an applicant not pass the examination, he/she will not be able to take up his/her place at the Viadrina.

From the Summer Semester 2011 onwards, proof of English Language Proficiency is required for the application, that being either Unicert II in English or an equivalent (in German).

Other language tests than the abovementioned can not be taken into account. However, they can be substituted by English components of your bachelor programme, such as a semester abroad in an English-speaking country, or several courses that were being taught in English druing the course of your programme. For further information, please contact Dr. Richard Bland at the language department,, with the following email attachments:

  • a transcript of records from your bachelor programme or your semester abroad, including all relevant grades. The relevant English-skeaking courses should be identifiable. 
  • a (term) paper, which you wrote for one of the courses that were being taught in English.

To meet the deadline, we therefore recommend that you see about the language requirements in an early state of your application. If you can not provide the necessary test results at the due date, you can not be considered during the admission procedure.

*Table of DSH equivalents and list of certificates enabling you to take the DSH exam at Viadrina University


Students can apply to start in both winter and summer semesters. Admission of students onto the degree programme is limited. The application deadline for the winter semester is July 15 and for the summer semester on January 15. The direct link link to our online application portal can be found here. (Any quiries, please contact: admission(at)

In order for an application to be considered, the printed application form, an officially certified copy of your first university degree and an Academic Essay as well as proof of English Language Proficiency must be submitted. The questions for the Academic Essay for starting in the Winter and Summer Semester will be released on the MES Homepage on May 15 and November 15 respectively. The current Essay Questions can be found here (in German; any quieries, please contact

Those who are unable to provide proof of the corresponding English proficiency by the time of application can only be conditionally accepted. Full acceptance onto the MES program will only be allowed once proof of English Knowledge is provided with the other necessary Registration Documentation (Semester Fee, proof of Health Insurance, and Undergraduate Degree Certificate).

Successful applicants must have completed a degree course (at least a B.A. or equivalent) in either the field of law, political sciences, business or cultural studies. Please note that the proof of a completed degree course must include the overall final degree classification/grade as it is an important criterium for the ranking of applications. The nature of the undergraduate degree course should determine the student's major subject (Zentralbereich).

If you have not yet received your degree certificate with the degree classification/grade and wish to register for the MES, then a written declaration from your university must be sent to the matriculation office. It must however be clearly stated on said declaration that the degree course has been completed and no more examinations need to be sat. (For more information, please contact admission(at)

Foreign Applicants

Foreign applicants are those who have obtained a degree in another language other than German. In such cases, you must apply to the International Office by July 15 for the winter semester and January 15 for the summer semester where Katja Herzel is responsible for applications. An additional requirement for foreign applicants is that by the start of the study period the knowledge of the German language must be proven.
If an applicant does not have either a DSH 2 or an equivalent degree by the time of application, the applicant is required to pass the DSH Examination at the university's language centre before the start of the semester (either in March or in September). However, it is only possible to perform the exam if a certain level of German language proficiency has already been obtained beforehand. If the applicant is successful in the DSH Examination, s/he is able to then matriculate. If not, s/he is unable to start the degree programme. Further advice relating to the Deutsch Sprachpruefung fuer den Hochschulzugang can be found here (in German).

German is often the main teaching language, however, additional courses are offered in English, French and Polish. Applicants must have mastered the German language to the required standard (DSH or equivalent).

Visa Requirements

Foreign students from non-EU member states who would like to study in Germany must have applied for a student visa from the German embassy or consulate in their home country before coming to Germany. Please do not come to Germany on solely a tourist visa! Please be aware that a tourist visa does not qualify as a residence permit for the purpose of studying. Furthermore, foreign students studying in Germany are unable to change their degree course (or even their specialization) without potentially affecting their residency status. In depth information can be found on the Homepage of the Ausländerbeauftragter of the University.

Applicants from China must provide additional registration documentation (Einschreibungsunterlagen). Please send all documentation to:

Peking Education Authority Chaoyang District,

Dongsanhuan Landmark Tower 2, Office 0311

100004 Bejing VR China


Application deadlines are the following:

• Summer Semester: 15.01.

• Winter Semester: 15.07.

All documentation must have been submitted to the university by the application deadline. The date on the postage stamp does not suffice!

Content of the application:

  • Printed Application Form
  • Officially Certified Copy of First University Degree
  • Academic Essay
  • Proof of English Knowledge - UNICERT II (or equivalent)

All applications are to be sent to:

Europa-Universität Viadrina
Große Scharrnstr. 59
15230 Frankfurt/Oder