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The double master's programme in cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan has been offered for ten years by the MES (Master in European Studies) of the European University Viadrina and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

It allows students to study at both universities while receiving two degrees. At Viadrina you study European Studies, in Poznan you can choose between Political Science and International Relations.

The seminar language at Viadrina is mainly German, but also English, French and Polish. In Poznan, the courses are held mainly in Polish, in some cases in English.

So far, the double master's programme has registered over 150 graduates.

Please apply for the Master in European Studies through the regular online procedure and tick in the application portal that you are applying for the German-Polish double degree programme at the same time. In addition to the usual documents, you must upload a letter of motivation and a CV and be able to prove knowledge of Polish. The actual enrolment at AMU will not take place until your 3rd semester, i.e. in August/September of the second academic year. Until then, you will study the MES at Viadrina on the German side.

Admission requirements

You must fulfil the following admission requirements for the Polish double master's programme:

Mastery of the Polish language at study ability level (Unicert II level). You must be able to follow Polish lectures in Poznan and express yourself orally and in writing in Polish. You must prove this by means of certificates or a placement test at the Language Centre. Polish language skills must be confirmed by the time you enrol at AMU in August of that year.
You must choose between Political Science or International Relations as your specialisation.
The required documents must be prepared by the time of enrolment at AMU in August of that year

As a student of the double master programme

  • you are enrolled at the EUV and at the AMU and are subject to all rights (scholarships, student benefits, right to a place in a student hall of residence, stays abroad, etc.) and obligations (examination regulations) applicable at both universities
  • fulfil the study programme in the department:
    • Political Science or International Relations, determined by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism; Master of European Studies, determined by the bodies authorised for this purpose (the three Faculty Councils of the three Faculties of the Viadrina).
  • spend at least two semesters at the EUV and at least two semesters at the AMU during your studies;
  • you commit to earning at least 120 ECTS credits, at least 60 ECTS credits at each partner university. The universities mutually recognise all points and certificates acquired during the stay at the respective university.
  • write a Master's thesis in Polish, German or English in "Co-Tutelle". This means that one of your Master's supervisors must be from the Polish university, the other from the German university. One of the supervisors must hold a professorship, the other must have at least a doctorate. It is irrelevant which of the reviewers is the first or second reviewer.
  • you will give an oral defence of your Master's thesis in front of a German-Polish examination board.
  • you will receive two titles and degrees at the end of your successfully completed studies:

1. the academic degree of Master of Political Science or Master of International Relations from AMU;

2. the academic degree of Master of Arts (MA) in European Studies from the EUV.

Viadrina does not charge tuition fees. What all students pay is a semester fee. Although this must be paid upon enrolment or re-registration, it is not an amount for the Viadrina, but is passed on in full to the Studentenwerk or the AStA.

Studying at the AMU is also free of charge. Students only have to pay the usual administrative fees at the AMU (e.g. for the issuing of the student ID card or the repetition of failed exams).

The MES students at the European University Viadrina begin their studies in Frankfurt (Oder). They spend the third and fourth semesters (winter and summer semesters of the second Master's year) in Poznan at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of Adam Mickiewicz University.

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