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Master of Arts
in European Studies

General Questions

What is the Masters Degree Program in European Studies like?

The MES is a research orientated Masters degree program, which teaches students the ability to criticise and find solutions to interdisciplinary questions concerning the European Union. It consists of 4 Central Fields: Law, Culture, Business and Politics. Each student is required to independently construct his/her profile. Particular importance is placed on course selection, choice of languages, study abroad, the topic of the Masters thesis along with the choice of internship.

 Who is my contact person?

You can find the contact details of the MES team in our homepage: Our Team (in German)

 Is the degree internationally accredited?

The MES was founded in 1999 and is internationally recognized. The MES degree qualification allows for graduates to go onto the highest positions of governmental administration and enables admission to a PhD. The degree has been granted ZevA accreditation until 2014.  After successfully completion of the system accreditation the Europa-University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) may award their programs independently the seal of the Accreditation Council. The Viadrina set out on the path of system accreditation - - so that individual programs are no longer programm accredited but through the internal quality assurance system with its internal accreditation. Following this logic the MES is accredited internally in the spring term 2016th. In addition, the Stiftungsrat has extended the authorization of the MES.