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Master of Arts
in European Studies


What are the opportunities to study abroad during the MES?

The MES offers three Double Diploma programs with partner universities in Poznań  (Poland), Strasbourg (France) and Istanbul (Turkey), with each one including two study abraod semesters. Application for one of these programs can only be made once having been accepted onto the MES.


Can I undertake an Erasmus Semester?

Yes, if you have not already taken part in this program during another degree course. With over 200 partner universities, Viadrina is one of the most international Universities in Germany. Further information can be obtained from the international office.


Do the study credits that I obtain on a study abroad semester count towards the MES?

Yes. It is however recommended to decided on which courses you want to take before setting off.


Do study credits in foreign languages count towards the Multilingual certificate/ Mehrsprachenzertifikat?

Yes. The criteria can be found in the Prüfungsordnung. It does not matter however where foreign language study credits are obtained.