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Master of Arts
in European Studies


Who can apply?

(see § 2 Abs. 1 ZulOrd)

-a higher education degree certificate from either a German university or a foreign one of equal value;
-basic knowledge of academic work;
-a high motivation to study;
-for applicants whose mother tongue is not German, a sufficient knowledge of the German language (DSH 2 or TestDaf min. 4)

What are the language prerequisites that need to be fulfilled?

(see § 2 Abs. 1 d), Abs. 2 d) ZulOrd)

Non native speakers have to show their German language proficiency by gaining the DSH 2 certificate. The sitting of the test is offered by the language center of the Viadrina prior to the start of each semester. There are also many other DSH test centers.

From the Summer semester 2011 onwards, English to UNICERT-II Level (or equivalent) is to be proved on application. Other language tests than the abovementioned can not be taken into account. However, they can be substituted by English components of your bachelor programme, such as a semester abroad in an English-speaking country, or several courses that were being taught in English. For further information, please contact Dr. Richard Bland at the language department,, with the following email attachments:

  • a transcript of records from your bachelor programme or your semester abroad, including all relevant grades. The relevant English-skeaking courses should be identifiable. 
  • a (term) paper, which you wrote for one of the courses that were being taught in English.

To meet the deadline, we therefore recommend that you see about the language requirements in an early state of your application. If you can not provide the necessary test results at the due date, you can not be considered during the admission procedure.

 When can you apply for a place on the MES?

(see § 7 ZulOrd)

You can apply for a place on the Master in European Studies, either to start in the winter or summer semester. The application deadline for the winter semester is on July 15, and for the summer semester on January 15.

 Which documents need to be sent in?

(see § 2 Abs. 2 ZulOrd)

A copy of your undergraduate degree certificate (eg. Bachelor's certificate), which must be stamped by an officially approved authority.

A five pages long academic essay relevant to your specialist field. The essay questions will be released on May 15 for winter semester applications and November 15 for summer semester applications. The essay should be written in an academic form (incl. sources and bibliography). Alternatively, the Bachelor thesis can be handed in, assuming that it is relevant to the MES.

A one-sided letter of motivation should also be included.

From the summer semester 2011 onwards, English proficiency on UNICERT-II level (or equivalent) needs to be included amongst the documents to be sent in.

Students whose mother tongue is not German have to pass the DSH exam (to level 2) or another exam considered to be of the same value.

Should, by the time of application, a student not have received his/her undergraduate degree certificate, a provisional degree certificate from the student's university can be sent in.

When should I expect a response to the application?

For the winter semester, by the end of September and for the summer semester, by the end of March. The decision will be sent by post.