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Exam Registration in HISPORTAL

Hisportal is relevant for your re-registration at the end of term for the next semester, to register for exams or cancel a previous registration, for printing out your certificate of matriculation, and to view your test results


How do I logg in on HISPORTAL?
You should have recieved your access data together with your documents for enrolment.

How do I register for exams via HISPORTAL?
You can find a detailled manual for the registration process here (in German).


Do I have to register for every course I want to take on HISPORTAL?
The following basically applies: You should register for every course you fulfilled the requirements and want to receive ECTS credits for. Therefore, by registering for an exam via HISPORTAL you make sure that you will maintain credits for said course. 

However: In addition to this registration, you might eventually have to register for some exames outside of HISPORTAL. In case of that event, all the details will be indicated in the course description (in the course catalogue) of said course. 


When do I register for a course on HISPORTAL?
The deadline for the registration - if not indicated differently - is about 3 days prior to the exam or (if you are writing a term paper) at the end of term. So please make sure that you have registered before that date.

Can I change the registration for a course?
Yes, you can. You can register for a course and cancel this registration until the date of the exam/end of term. However, if you have already taken the exam or handed in your term paper, a cancellation is not possible anymore.
Since many courses can be associated to more than one module, you have to choose, which module you want to receive credits for by taking that particular course. You then register for the course within your chosen module. If you want to change this allocation of the course to a different module, you can cancel the previous registration and register for the course in the second module, according to the course catalogue. 

What is the difference between HISPOARTL and MOODLE?
HISPORTAL is an administrative data base where you can find all relevant information concerning the organization of your studies at Viadrina (as explained above). MOODLE, on the other hand, is a learning platform where you can find relevant materials and texts for your courses, communicate with teachers and other students, and exchange your views on a course-related topic with other course participants in a discussion forum.