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Master of Arts
in European Studies


What is the KVV?

Before the start of each semester, the course directory -with details of each course- will be released. Up unitl four weeks into each semester, changes can be made to this document.


How many teaching hours are there each week?

It is impossible to give an exact number. However, in the first semester the majority of the four basic modules should be taken. Up to 30 ECTS should be obtained each semester, with language training running parallel to that.


In GM 4, does European Law need to be taken?

Yes. There are two possibilites:

1: To take the course offered in the summer semester by Prof. Dr Pechstein (6 ECTS).
2. To take two modules offered by Dr Thiele in the Wintersemester:  "Rechtliche Grundlagen der Europäischen Integration" and "Völkerrecht" (each worth 3 ECTS).


What determines the specialist field/Zentralbereich?

The choice of Zentralbereich and subsequent specialisation is made on the basis of the undergraduate (Bachelors degree). Certain knowledge must be proven in order to take the law or business Zentralbereich.


Is it possible to change Zentralbereich?

A change of Zentralbereich from culture to Politics is possible, although it is to be approved by the Prüfungsamt.


What is the practical module made up of?

It can either be made up of modules that are in the module directory or certain courses offered by the careers center. One ECTS point is this area equates to at least 8 hours teaching time. Shorter modules cannot be considered. You must obtain a skills that are necessary or can be used in a professional setting.


How many ECTS points can be obtained in each module?

For a core module, 6 ECTS is generally awarded, however this can vary. Please be sure to agree on the course requirements with the lecturer beforehand. In the Zentralbereich (a total of 18 ECTS) you are free to take modules of 3, 6 or 9 ECTS. In the Wahlpflichtbereich (totalling 27 ECTS), modules of 9 ECTS are required.


What are the special features of the Business Zentralbereich?

Please be aware that other than Herrn Prof. Dr. Ribhegge, there are currently very few professors at the Viadrina that you can write your Masters thesis with.


What are the forms of assessment?

(see § 16 Abs. 1 Prüfungs- und Studienordnung) 3 ECTS-Points:- Presentation or Essay (no more than 4 sides)- 6 ECTS-Points:- Seminar work (ca. 12 Sides)- Examination (minimum of 90 Minuten)- oral exam (maximum of 20 Minutes)- several essays totalling ca. 12 Seiten. 9 ECTS-Points:- Presentation and written work (max 25 sides). In an individual module, a maximum of 9 ECTS-Points can be obtained.


Can a course taken during my first degree be used to count towards the MES?

In exceptional circumstances, as long as it was used to count towards another qualification and that the course is of a masters degree level.


Which ECTS Point variations are possible in the Zentralbereich and Wahlpflichtbereich?

For further information see: Modulstruktur.