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Masters Thesis

Please make yourself familiar with the corresponding paragraphs of the Prüfungsordnung!


When do I have to register my Masters Thesis?

The Prüfungsordnung and the study pan provide that the Masterarbeit should be written, and the accompanying oral exam should be sat in the fourth semester. Should you take longer than four semesters to pass all of the relevant assessment, then you can register during the fourth semester or, at the latest, at the start of the fifth semester and extend your study time (3 months for the Masters thesis) into the fifth semester.

Please note: the registering of the Masters thesis MUST be done by the beginning of the fifth semester.


Is it possible to register you Masters Thesis if you have not passed all of the assessment and obtained all of the ECTS points?

It is possible to register the masters thesis, after you have earned 81 ECTS points.


How do I find a supervisor for my Masters Thesis?

You should look for your masters thesis supervisor as soon as possible. Your supervisor must be a professor at the Viadrina and have a doctorate in the field in which you have written your masters thesis. By rule, you should have successfully completed a module in which your supervisor teaches. Further information you can gain from the corresponding lecturer. It is recommended that whilst choosing your second and third semester modules you should look for a suitable supervisor. The onus is on the student to also look for a second adjudicator for your thesis.


What do I do if I am unable to register for the masters thesis by the beginning of the fifth semester?

You are required, preferably in the fourth semester, to request for a study extension with Mr Blänkner. (Office HG 079 , E-Mail: blaenkner(at) If this is not done then it will result in a first time fail result for the masters thesis. With any other similar quieries regarding examinations and assessment please contact Mr Blänkner and consult the Prüfungsordnung.


Who decides upon the date of the oral examination?

Both yourself and your supervisor must set the date of your examination in accordance with set protocol.


Who is my immediate contact person in the examinations office?

Elke Noack, AM 12, (03 35) 55 34 - 43 22


How long after the Masters thesis and examination do I remain a student of the Viadrina?

You remain matriculated in the Viadrina until the end of the semester, during which time your semester ticket is still valid.