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Master of Arts
in European Studies

Practical Experience

Which skills should be obtained during the practical modules of the MES and which courses can be taken?

In this part of the MES, skills that are necessary for working life but are not directly associated with academia and European studies; examples of this are: Presentation skills, time and stress management course, application training and intercultural skills. Courses of this nature are presented in the course directory.


Do courses offered by the Career Center count towards this part of the degree?

Yes. Day-long seminars, each worth 1 ECTS, can be credited. A full overview of such seminars can be found in the course directory.


What is the recommended length of an internship? Do only the minimum four weeks need to to be successfully completed?

The Prüfungsordnung specifies a four week long internship, which will be credited to your MES degree. However, in order to gain a full overview of the working life in an organisation or company, we recommend taking a semester for the internship (3-6 months), and doing the internship abroad.


What are the criteria for the academic recognition of an internship?

You can find this in the Praktika and Jobs page of the Viadrina website.


Can an internship completed prior to you starting the MES count towards your degree?

Yes, as long as it was completed no longer than a year prior to you starting the MES. Further criteria can be found on the Praktika und Jobs page.


Am I required to write a report of my internship?

No. A certificate and letter of recommendation are sufficient.