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in European Studies


Which languages are to be taken?

The objective of the MES lanaguage training is to achieve a minimum of a UNIcert qualification, which provides that your language ability has improved. Please consult the language center for further information related to the choice of languages.

What is the Einstufungstest?

At the start of your degree, all students are required to take a language assessment test. This also applies to those who take language courses outside of the Viadrina. The tests are valid for two semesters. The result will be issued immediately and serves at the same time as a basis for your choice of course.

What happens if your language ability is judged to be above UNIcert-II?

Then you should inform the corresponding member of staff in the language center in order to get more information regarding the UNIcert III and IV.

In which form can the obligatory (6 ECTS) English language module be taken (§18 Abs. 1 PO)?

It is obligatory in the MES that a student takes at least one module worth 6 ECTS, with assessment being either in the form of a an examination or a written assignment. As such, the English language module cannot be one of the practical modules or a language course.

What are the requirements of the Mehrsprachigkeitszertifikat/multilingual certificate?

In order to gain the Mehrsprachigkeitszertifikat, you must successfully complete courses in two foreign languages, totalling a minimum of 12 ECTS in each.

Do I have to apply for the Mehrsprachigkeitszertifikat?

There is no extra application required for gaining the "Mehrsprachigkeitszertifikat; see § 3 Abs. 2 ZulOrd. Whereas, for those opting for the DoubleDegree Programme, you are required to apply during the course of your studies.


For any further inquiries, please contact Dr. Thomas Vogel of the language center.