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Łukasz Mikołajewski

In the summer semester of 2021, Łukasz Mikołajewski will hold the Polish Visiting Lectureship of the Meyer-Struckmann Foundation at the European University Viadrina.

About the Person​

Łukasz Mikołajewski is an assistant professor at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw, a sociologist and historian. He specialises in the history of ideas and anthropology of politics.

Mikolajewski photo 3 ©Mikolajewski privat

He is co-founder of the Research Centre for LGBT+ History and Identities at the University of Warsaw. In 2012, he defended his doctoral thesis at the European University Institute in Florence. In 2015, he was a Visiting Fellow and at the Remarque Institute, New York University.


Łukasz Mikołajewski

Logenstraße 11, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

+49 335 5534 2825


His research interests and teaching experience are in the fields of European history, anthropology of prejudice, autobiographical writings, narrative structures, history of anti-Semitism, sociology of identity and sociology of silence.

At the European University Viadrina, Łukasz Mikołajewski would like to deepen his teaching experience in the interdisciplinary and cross-faculty programme of the Master European Studies (MES) and exchange ideas with researchers at the European University Viadrina.

Selected Publications:

- Mikołajewski, Ł. (2018), Disenchanted Europeans. Polish émigré writers from ‘Kultura’ and postwar reformulations of the West, Oxford: Peter Lang.

- Mikołajewski, Ł. (2018), Europe, West and East, and the Polish Émigré Writers from ‘Kultura’. Five Stories about Asymmetry in: Jalava M., Nygård S., Strang J. (eds.), Decentring European Intellectual Space, Leiden: Brill, 243-268.

- Mikołajewski, Ł. (2015), The Pitfalls of Loyalism. Aleksander Wielopolski in Polish Political Thought, in: Błesznowski B., Król M., Puchejda A. (eds.), Genealogy of Contemporaneity. A History of Ideas in Poland 1815-1939, Warsaw, Vienna: Warsaw University Press, Institute for Human Sciences, 32-46.

- Mikołajewski Ł. (2012), From Centre to Province. Changing Images of Europe in the Writings of Jerzy Stempowski, Hewitson M., D’Auria M. (eds.), New York, Oxford: Berghahn, 183-197.

- Mikołajewski Ł. (2011), Pamięć fabularyzowana. Powojenne poprawki w ‘Szkicach piórkiem’ Andrzeja Bobkowskiego, Res Publica Nowa, 15, 110-131.

- Mikołajewski, Ł., Wojnarowski, M. (2006), Nekrologi a procesy indywidualizacyjne w Polsce. Analiza przemian, Kultura i Społeczeństwo, 1-2, 231-270.