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The Annotated Course Catalogue of the MES in the winter semester 2022/23 is now published.
Final Annotated Course Catalogue of the MES in the winter semester 2022/23

Basic modules (Grundmodule) for the winter semester 2020/2021:

BM1: "Europa imperial, Europa post-colonial: Europa transnational? Ansätze zur europäischen Geschichte des langen 19. Jahrhunderts bis zur Gegenwart - Seminar", Dr. Clara Frysztacka, Wed, 09 AM - 11 AM, Online

BM 2: "The EU's great transformation: introduction to the politics of the European Union - Vorlesung", Amelie Kutter, Wed. 11AM - 1PM Uhr, Online

BM 3: Europäische Wirtschaftspolitik: "European Economic Integration" - Lecture (Mon 4pm- 5:30pm s.t.) UND Übung (Thu 2pm -4:30pm s.t.), Ingo Geishecker, Marco Kühne; Online

BM 4: Europäischer und universeller Menschenrechtsschutz", Carmen Thiele, Tue. 2pm-4pm Uhr, online course, (3 ECTS, visit of a further lecture i Wintersemester 2021/2022 required)  OR

 "Europarecht", Matthias Pechstein, Wed. 9am-11am und Thu. 2pm - 4pm, Online-Course, 6 ECTS

ECTS acquisition
6 ECTS are awarded for each completed basic module (Grundmodul [GM]). The requirements for obtaining the certificate may vary. Please discuss the requirements with the lecturers at the beginning of the semester. In the Central Area(CS), 3, 6 or 9 ECTS certificates can be submitted; a total of 18 ECTS (SPO 2008) or 12 ECTS (SPO 2017) are required. In the elective modules (EM), 27 ECTS (SPO 2008) or 24 ECTS (SPO 2017) must be achieved, whereby the acquisition of certificates with 9 ECTS credits is recommended.

Language placement test
A placement test is compulsory for all MES students at the beginning of their studies. The tests take place in the building of the Language Centre in August-Bebel-Straße. They form the basis for course selection. The dates for the language placement tests as well as the language courses offered in the summer semester can be found on the Language Centre page.

Students who wish to participate in the English language courses may register for the courses without taking the placement test Please contact the Lektorat Englisch (mbaldzikowski(at) or bland(at) in this regard.

Practical skills
For the Practical Module (Praxismodul [PF]), in addition to regular courses, full-day events of the CareerCentre and seminars of the Viadrina PeerTutoring can be attended. The certificate is issued via ViaCampus.

Changes and registration
The individual chairs are responsible for announcing changes to offered MES events! Some events require registration. Please check the chair pages for more information.

Please note:
The course catalogue is constantly updated. Please note possible changes on the MES homepage as well as notices and inform yourself in detail about the courses on the pages of the professorships.