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About the MES

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MES is a multi-lingual interdisciplinary Master of Arts Degree. Courses are offered in Law, Economics, Cultural Studies and Political Science and are held in English, French, Polish, German and increasingly in Spanish. Here you can find out more about the current courses of study (in German). Generally students can bring their own languages to the university, including those that have been learned during previous exchange programs.

Furthermore, students are regularly informed through our homepage about current and interesting seminars and events in the areas of Europe, Culture and Society. These are held by various research institutes, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or foundations situated in Berlin and Brandenburg. Participation in these seminars provides students with an insight into the possible academic and career paths that can be achieved with a degree in European Studies.

By engaging in current European issues, students investigate and analsye the problems that arise concerning the coexistence of different cultures within modern Europe, and possible solutions to these problems. Students obtain an interdisciplinary perspective of the cultural, political, economical and legal developments in the European context and are educated in academic writing, using particular methodology in all four faculties. Students will develop their research in one area of study, e.g. Economics, which will later be expanded for the master thesis. Two of the following topics concerning current issues relevant to Europe must be completed as part of the degree major: Governance in Europe; European Business Law; Migration, Ethnicity and Ethnocentricity; Regional Development in Europe; Culture, History and Society in Europe; and European Economic Policy. The courses are held in English, French, Polish and German, and increasingly in Spanish.


Students in MES are further advantaged by participating in an Internship that directly concerns issues of the European Union. Here students are able to establish their particular interests within the realm of Europe. The experience gained during the course of an internship also allows students to establish a position in a professional working environment, increasing their career opportunities in the realm of the European Union. Therefore students are encouraged to choose an internship that can provide a deepening of their knowledge in a specialised area, that may later be useful in starting their career.


Finally, the MES Team informs students about possible scholarships available to help with financing their studies. Apart from the financial support provided by a scholarship, students are able to develop connections through various networks and make important contacts that further improve their future career aspirations.


Situated directly on the border of Germany and Poland, the master degree offers an advanced program on both sides of the Oder River through small seminars, individual supervision and excellent modern technologies, preparing students for the challenges of modern Europe.


Our graduates have achieved careers in European organisations such as the European Union, in transnational companies, in non-governmental organisations (NGOs), European education institutions, as well as leading positions in international business. The MES-Team is currently working to develop an MES Alumni Network, so that direct contact to MES graduates can be made more often.


There are a limited number of places available to MES students to take part in the Double-Degree (in German) programs offered by the Viadrina in cooperation with our partner universities in France, Poland and Turkey.