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"Eine Investition in Wissen bringt noch immer die besten Zinsen". Benjamin Franklin

  • Our curriculum provides a flexible part-time training of young professionals from all areas of conservation. It is primarily addressed to graduates of a full degree (MA, Dipl.-Ing., Etc.) but also to Bachelor degree holders who can demonstrate at least one year of professional experience in heritage conservation or in a related field
  • Students are obliged to attend the seven two-week "teaching blocks". Moreover, an internship (Heritage, Museums, and Cultural Education) is to be completed. Holders of a Bachelor degree are required to complete two internships min. 4 weeks long each.  Those who are in a position to present an evidence of outstanding practical achievements in one of the study-related fields can be relieved from the above obligation.  Studienverlaufsgraphik .
  • The mandatory achievements are: the written exams in cultural property law and in the project management, essays and written assignments in other fields, the study project (team work) and the Master’s thesis (individual work).
  • Our Master's programme is based at the Collegium Polonicum (see picture gallery), an international organization which is committed to teaching and transfer of knowledge between the western and eastern part of the European Union.
  • The everyday, practical advantages of our location include low cost of living. The cost of accommodation in the modern well-equipped student dormitories within the Slubice campus (picture gallery) amounts to ca. 7 EUR per night per person.

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