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Being creative in practice:

Strategies for teaching the history of culture and cultural heritage at the Viadrina University are our areas of expertise (historic preservation, architectural conservation, restoration, archaeology, etc.) strong enough to attract attention within the highly professionalized information market? Beyond the required training standards in these core areas, we are supposed to increasingly deal with the society, with the transfer of information, the cultural management and the services marketing. The market for services that are offered on the business-to-business basis has, for several reasons, become difficult for the "newcomers".

The trend towards both, the outsourcing and the parallel growth of the non-state sector (foundations, NGOs) can be profitably used when the rules of the game (project management etc.) are known. We wish to make the "specialists" acquainted with the methodological skills by means of which they efficiently share and accurately multiply their own "fascination with the cultural history". Thus, the opportunities of the "knowledge society", of the competition between locations, of the educational system and of the ever-growing domestic tourism can be used productively and profitably both, for the agents themselves and for the purpose of preservation and the built environment.



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