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Schutz Europäischer Kulturgüter / European Cultural Heritage 

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Welcome to the homepage of our part-time Master's degree programme in European Cultural Heritage. The history of arts and of culture as well as history and the heritage preservation on the one hand, and the management and project strategies on the other hand are in the centre of our attention. In particular, we focus on the linkages between conservation, tourism, education and the creative industries.
Our offer is addressed not only to holders of a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in the fields of restoration, history of art, archaeology and architecture.  Graduates from other disciplines are also very welcome. The candidates are expected, above all, to be autonomous and inquisitive team workers who are keen on exploring new ways.
We offer you a flexible study programme with a European orientation and an international team of outstanding lecturers - hands-on experts representing various fields (heritage preservation, foundations and media companies).
For further information, kindly contact Izabella Parowicz PhD: parowicz (at), Phone: (0049) 0335 553 416 443 (you can talk English / mogą Państwo mówić po polsku). A free trial of the study is also possible.

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