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Our program consists of two lectures, four core courses, four workshops, and German language classes (on demand). The instructors have different disciplinary backgrounds, such as sociology, political sciences, history, and linguistics.

We would also like to invite you to our excursion called “Hidden Treasures and Monastries in Berlin and Brandenburg”, which is designed to deal with the subjects of the Summer Universtity. In addition to the excursion, we offer you a diverse cultural program for evenings and weekends, which include cultural events in Frankfurt and trips to Berlin.

Course Plan


Courses, Workshops, Lectures


Core Courses:


Islam in Europe
Prof. Dr. Monika Wohlrab-Sahr (University of Leipzig) and Riva Kastoryano (Paris)


Religion and Modernity: Theoretical Considerations and Emprical Findings
Prof. Dr. Detlef Pollack (European University Viadrina)


Religion,Politics and Policies in Western Democracies: Concepts and Comparisons
Prof. Dr. Michael Minkenberg (European University Viadrina)


Religious Transformation in Eastern Europe: East Germany and Poland
Dr. hab. Tadeusz Doktor (Warsaw University) and Prof. Dr. Barbara Theriault (University Montreal)



Religious Revival in Eastern Europe?
Olaf Müller (European University Viadrina)


Religion, Nationalism, and Moderniy in 19th Century Eastern Europe
Dr. Kai Struve (Leipzig University)


Linguistic, Identity, Gender and Religion
Dr. Bozena Tieszen (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)


Contingent Secularisms, Historical Perspectives
Tracie Matysik (Universtity of Austin Texas)



Secularization Revisited: What I Really Said about Secularization
Prof. David Martin (London)


Secularization in Europe and the US: The Continuing Secular Transition
Dr. David Voas (University of Manchester)