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Lecture and Seminar, Prof. Dr. Juergen Mittag

European Sport Policies




Course Description:

The role of sport at the European level is gaining momentum due to the growing convergence between sport and other social areas of activity, the unflagging importance of political players for the organisation of sport and the tangible evidence that sport is based since the Treaty of Lisbon on its own legal provisions. 

However, the issue still involves many uncertainties that cause difficulties to tackle it systematically. Up to now, major competencies in sport remain at the national level while the common market law of the EU already had a deep impact on sport. In addition to this the specific nature of sport and the strong role of the federations reveal that sport follows different approaches than other policies.

The lecture presents an overview of the wide range of sport-related aspects at the European level. It will be asked what sport-related structures have emerged in Europe and what categories can they be allocated to. In addition to this recent trends and current sport-related topics that are shaping the debate will be analysed.


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