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EUTIM Conference

History of Science and the Challenges of “Non-simultaneity” in Eastern and Central Europe

1–3 December 2021 

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Passcode: 923995

Our conference aims at re-thinking the challenges of “non-simultaneity” (Ungleichzeitigkeit) when applied to the history of science in Eastern and Central Europe. We would like to reflect on dynamic appropriation/rejection of “old/new” and “East/West” dichotomies, on the ways “western” scholarship was perceived and “theories from the East” were proposed. Inviting researchers with various academic backgrounds from diverse disciplinary fields (history, literary studies, sociology, natural history) we hope to create a space for truly interdisciplinary in-depth discussion. Our conference will be available online (You-Tube) and its proceedings could be published as a separate forum in one of the leading international peer-reviewed journals.

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