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Of heroes and Stories - The craft of narratology


Narratives are linguistic works of art. They tell (fictitious) events and can still refer to real people, places, and aeras. They represent the world in an exemplary or metaphorical way and offer a space where divergent worldviews are tried out, played off against or interwoven with one another. The construction of these linguistic works of art is subject to several procedures that will be systematically examined in the seminar. The focus is therefore on the method by which a text develops its effect (on the reader). The course will provide a number of theoretical approaches to the analysis of narratives by Gérard Genette, Umberto Eco, Juri Lotman and others. Furthermore, the course provides a practical component by applying the theoretical concepts onto various extracts of novels.




short presentation, active involvement, paper


Excerpts of Genette, Gérard, Palimpsests: Literature in the Second Degree, Lincoln 1997;
Lotman, Jurij M., The structure of the artistic text, Michigan 1977 et al.