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Professur für Sprachgebrauch und Migration


Professurinhaberin: Prof. Dr. Britta Schneider

Forschungsschwerpunkte / Research Interests

  • Language, Migration and Globalization
  • Language Diversity, Language Contact
  • Language Ideology Research and the Social Indexicality of Language
  • The Materiality of Language
  • Language in Transnational Settings (Music, Dance, Literature, Digital Space, Consumption)
  • Language and the Creation of Public Space 
  • Language Policy
  • Language and Gender


International Workshop // Hybrid Event

AI-Technology as Interactional Human Culture. Language, Data Practice and Social Struggle

March 30 & 31 2023, European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) // Hybrid event

Organisers: Marie-Theres Fester-Seeger, PhD & Prof. Dr. Britta Schneider



  • Emily M. Bender (University of Washington), 
  • Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi (University of Warsaw), 
  • Andreas Hepp (University of Bremen), 
  • Nicolas Flores-Herr (Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems)
In this interdisciplinary workshop, we discuss AI culture from a critical anthropological, sociological and linguistic perspective. We treat AI-culture as human and interactional practice and investigate it as embedded in wider social structures as well as linguistic conditions. Within this view, users and programmers of AI are no autonomous individuals but part of communities based on social affiliation, language, shared cultural practice and economic intentions. Together with scholars and practitioners, we seek to give attention to the people behind the systems and to their societal and linguistic embeddings and critically engage with the role of living human and ‘enlanguaged’ beings within AI systems.

Schneider, Britta. 2022. "Multilingualism and AI – the regimentation of language in the age of digital capitalism." Signs and Society 10.3: 262-287.
Schneider, Britta. 2022. "Posthumanism and the role of orality and literacy in language ideologies in Belize." World Englishes 41.
Britta Schneider & Heyd, Theresa. 2021. Bloomsbury World Englishes: Paradigms. London: Bloomsbury.
Schneider, Britta 2021. Von Gutenberg zu Alexa. Posthumanistische Perspektiven auf Sprachideologie. In: Miriam Lind (Eds.), Mensch - Tier - Maschine (327-346). Bielefeld: transcript Verlag.
Schneider, Britta. 2021. "Beyond container models of cultural space – Belizean teenagers’ representations of language as display of heterodox geopolitical knowledge." Journal of Postcolonial Linguistics (Special Issue: Popular Geopolitics) 5

Sommersemester 23
  • Language in the Human-Machine Era (BA, Thu 11-13) - Didem Leblebici, M.A.
Sprechzeiten finden bis auf Weiteres online statt.
Für die Uhrzeiten und den Link, sehen Sie bitte unter Lehre nach.
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10-12th January 2024, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder) 

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