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Code Switching

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Deuchar, Margaret. Questioning Assumptions In Code-Switching Research

Despite more than 40 years of code-switching (CS) research there is still considerable disagreement on some of the most basic notions on which competing theories depend. In this talk I will attempt simultaneously to introduce beginners to the field and encourage seasoned CS researchers to questions some of their tacit assumptions. I will do this by focusing on conflicting meanings of the term 'switch', on disparate views as to the role of linguistic integration in CS, and on the little explored issue of the role of community norms in establishing CS patterns. [...]

Janet van.
Code-Switching In Bilingual Speakers: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence

Current everyday communication is a cultural and linguistic melting pot. Many speakers of multiple languages regularly switch between languages, so comprehending code-switched speech is a common feature of everyday communication. In this talk, I will present recent psycholinguistic and electrophysiological studies that examined the cognitive and neural mechanisms associated with intra-sentential code-switching in production and comprehension. I will also discuss evidence showing that switching direction (switching from the first language to the second language, or vice versa) and accented speech modulate switching patterns when bilinguals read or listen to code-switched sentences. 
Poplack, Shana. Code-Switching

Vídeo em Português

No outcome of language contact has attracted more attention than code-switching. Literally thousands of publications have been devoted to it over the last fifty years. But there’s still no consensus on what a code-switch is, let alone what rules constrain it, whether they are universal, language-specific or community-specific etc. or whether code-switching alters the structure of the languages involved. Shana Poplack researched on how bilingual speakers combine languages spontaneously in the course of their everyday interactions. With systematic quantitative analysis of large scale bilingual corpora she tried to understand why there is so much controversy concerning code-switching.

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