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Kabatek, Johannes. Discourse Traditions and Grammar

Talk by Johannes Kabatek in English about Discourse traditions, their genesis, relation to grammar, pragmatics, sociolinguistics and more.

 Lahousse, Karen. Word Order In French, Spanish and Italian: Syntax, Information Structure and Grammaticalisation This lecture will provide a comparative analysis of word order in Spanish, French and Italian. I first consider word order in general, and show that Spanish has all types of word order except SOV (i.e. SVO, VOS, OSV, VSO and OVS), while Italian lacks SOV and VSO, and French lacks SOV, VSO and OVS. I argue that the different word order patterns can be accounted for as the result of a grammaticalization process, and provide evidence for a continuum from Spanish → Italian → French, Spanish being the least grammaticalized, and French the most grammaticalized language.

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