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Davies, Mark.
Using Large Online Corpora to Investigate (Historical, Dialectal, and Genre-Based) Variation In Language

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Corpus-based data have revolutionized linguistic research during the last 20-30 years, by providing a strong empirical basis for language variation and change. This is especially true now that researchers can quickly and easily extract data from very large (multi-billion word) online corpora. In this presentation, I will show how data from corpora like and can be used to look at historical, dialectal, and genre-based variation, for a wide range of lexical, morphological, syntactic, and semantic phenomena.⠀
Fitzpatrick, Tess. Learning, Sharing and Losing Words: Applying Vocabulary Research Findings to Real World Challenges. This talk explores ways in which theoretical and empirical research related to word knowledge and use can inform solutions to real world problems. We will examine patterns of lexical association and retrieval, and will propose that awareness of those patterns might offer new perspectives on language acquisition, effective communication, and language attrition in conditions such as dementia.
Neumann, Stella. Translation: Enriching Our Understanding of Language Use Translation is a form of specialised language use and translators are language professionals. Therefore, translation is a concern of linguistics and can, as I will argue in this talk, enrich our understanding of language. At the same time, empirical translation studies is concerned with understanding what translators actually do when they work with language and how the translation process and its outcome are influenced by linguistic, cognitive, social and other factors. In this talk, I will examine translation as a concern of linguistics in increasingly larger contexts. I will start out by exemplifying some behavioural patterns of engaging with two languages that empirical studies of the translation process have found. 

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