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The Liberal Order in Crisis: Authoritarian, Radical, and Populist Challenges to Democracy in Europe


June 1st - 2nd 2018 | European University Viadrina | Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

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Workshop - Populism | Program

The liberal European order is under siege. Its normative foundations are challenged by various radical parties and movements. Many of its policies are contested and criticized as inefficient, ineffective and hypocritical. Liberal democracy, human rights and open markets are no longer taken for granted but must today be justified and defended in the public arena. Some even fear that the political and legal integration among the EU’s member states is giving way to the lure of nationalism and parochialism. How significant are these processes and how deep is Europe’s crisis? Is it part of a global process and similar in kind to authoritarian tendencies in US, Russia and Turkey? Are we even witnessing the end of post-war liberalism and is the idea of the open society slowly being replaced by a new combination of traditionalism, authoritarianism and nationalism?

The workshop was organized by Timm Beichelt, Michael Minkenberg and Jürgen Neyer and will took place at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) from June 1-2, 2018.

Abstracts of the successfully submitted papers can be retreived from here (password required).

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