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The EU as a Global Actor: Normative Power or Normal Power Politics?


Seminar: MA-KuWi: Sozialwissenschaften, MASS: Zentralmodul, MES: Einführung "Politik"; Schwerpunkt "Regieren in Europa"

Summer University 15.06.09 - 02.07.09, Veranstaltungsbeginn: 15.06.09;

Uhrzeiten: siehe Plan der Summer University unter:

The seminar is one of two core courses of this semester’s Viadrina Summer University (VSU). The aim of VSU consists in bringing together different disciplinary perspectives to the analysis of “Europe in the world”. One intention of the core courses is to substantiate the VSU’s other lectures and seminars which focus on the character of the European Union and its politics in a global context.Beyond this general goal, this specific core course focuses on the new role of the EU in global politics. It asks whether and in how far the EU’s foreign policy is giving expression to a civic political culture or whether it follows the path of more traditional power politics. We will analyse the EU’s policies, its political structures and different analytical concepts for describing its foreign policy performance.


Leistungsnachweis: Viadrina students participating in the VSU have to write a term paper on the MA level (in English or German). Credits: 9 ECTS (no other options available)

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen: In order to receive a Schein, students are required to actively participate in one core course, three seminars, one workshop and three lectures of the VSU. The full program can be viewed at The required participation therefore covers about 30 hours in 2½ weeks. Accordingly, VSU participants will not be able to fully attend their regular lectures during that time. Before applying, please check first if you are ready and capable to participate under these circumstances.

Applications are to be sent to by April 15, 2009.

They contain:

-         Letter of motivation (one page maximum),

-         CV.

Sprache: englisch