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Viadrina Model United Nations 2011 - Simulation of the United Nations Security Council: Regional Stability in Asia Concerning the Situation in North and South Korea

3/5/6/8/9 ECTS

Seminar: BA/MA, BA: Praxisrelevante Fertigkeiten / BA Sozialwissenschaften-Vertiefung //

MICS: Wahlmodul „Migration, Ethnizität, Ethnozentrismus“ / Praxisrelevante Fertigkeiten //

MASS:Wahlmodul „Migration, Ethnizität, Ethnozentrismus” / Optionsmodul – Praxis //

MES: Praxis


Blockseminar, Ort: GD 102, Veranstaltungsbeginn: 03.05.2011


In autumn 2010 the conflict between North and South Korea faced a new escalation which has shown that the situation on the Korean peninsula is far away from a stable peace.

The aim of this seminar is to give students the opportunity to experience how diplomacy works and how it may help to solve international conflicts, but also, what its limitations are. In the first part, a theoretical introduction will be given into diplomacy and the work of the United Nations. In the second part of the seminar, students will then have the opportunity to act as “delegates” in the 2011 simulation of the “United Nations Security Council on Regional Stability in Asia Concerning the Situation in North and South Korea”. Their goal will be to provide an internationally negotiated, consensual reaction to this conflict.


Literatur: Gareis, Sven Bernhard (2002): Die Vereinten Nationen: Aufgaben, Instrumente und Reformen. Opladen: Leske und Budrich;

Hüfner, Klaus (1995): UNO-Planspiele: Model United Nations (MUN). Bonn: UNO-Verlag.


Teilnahmevoraussetzungen: The number of participants is limited. Please send a binding application including a short letter of motivation, name, field and year of study, as well as three country / NGO preferences by April 15th, 2011 to (Current member countries of the Security Council: Please visit our homepage before applying: or visit our information desk April 7th, 13-14h, GD-Foyer.


Hinweise zur Veranstaltung: Good command of the English language is required.


Hinweise zum Blockseminar: first meeting: Tue 03.05.2010 18-20h, first block – theory, Thu 26.5. - Sat 28.5.2011 (HG 104), second block - simulation Thu 09.06. - Sat 11.06.2011 (AM 03).


Leistungsnachweis: Participants must attend all meetings, prepare an oral presentation and a term paper on a particular topic and do specific preparation for the MUN session (position paper, opening speech, policy research,  training in conference rules). Further requirements may vary depending on your study programme. For details see:


Sprache: English