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3/6 ECTS | A detailed overview of requirements for certificates can be found here.

Seminar: BA, Sozialwissenschaften-Vertiefung / Praxisrelevante Fertigkeiten // MA,

Block, Ort: AM 03, Veranstaltungsbeginn: 17.05.2018

The conflict in Myanmar, which has been going on for over 60 years, has recently escalated in force and severity, resulting into the world’s fastest-developing refugee- and humanitarian-emergency. It created a massive exodus to neighbouring Bangladesh, leaving at least 500000 civilians homeless and unsafe, and being a breeding ground for radicalization, violence and breeches of human rights. In the Viadrina Model United Nations 2018 the students will tackle this subject, trying to turn versatile and multilateral input from fruitful discussions into resolutions. This UN-simulation gives students the opportunity to experience how diplomacy works, how it may help to solve international conflicts, but also what its limitations are. They will have the chance to act as delegates to either the UN Security Council or the Human Rights Council: delegates of the Security Council will discuss issues concerning the escalating conflict between Rohingya and other peoples of Rakhine state, while the members of the Human Rights Council will address problems such as the abuses against civilian population, the recruitment of child soldiers or the endemic and systematic discrimination faced by the Muslim community. The three seminar sessions preceding the simulation are aimed at providing the students with a context within which to embed the simulation. They introduce some basic theoretical knowledge of international relations, as well as the structure and role of the UN. A debriefing session held after the simulation will help summarize and clarify key points while allowing students to evaluate their experience.

Literatur: J. Baylis; S. Smith; P. Owens (2017): The Globalization of World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations 7th edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press. K. Hüfner (1995): UNO Planspiele: Model United Nations (MUN), Bonn: UNO-Verlag Teilnahmevoraussetzungen: In order to participate in the Viadrina Model United Nations 2018 it it is mandatory for the students to submit an application through myMUN (on by April 15th 2018.

Hinweise zum Blockseminar: Seminartermine: 17.05., 24.05.: 10 – 12 Uhr, 31.05. (double-session): 10 – 15 Uhr (AM 03) / 14.06: 10-12 Uhr (GD 102) / Simulation: 07.06 -10.06. (Senatsaal/Logensaal)

Leistungsnachweis: Participants must attend all meetings, including the introductory and the concluding seminar sessions; they must prepare for the MUN simulation by writing a position paper, holding an opening speech, by doing policy research, and training in conference rules. Further requirements may vary depending on your study programme. For details visit our website (www.kuwi.europa- or contact us via

Sprache: English