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Europe 2.0: Power, Human Rights and the Internet in modern European Politics


Seminar: BA, Sozialwissenschaften-Vertiefung

Blockseminar, Ort: LH 001, Veranstaltungsbeginn: 05.12.2013

The Internet has become a transformative force in Europe. It is increasingly becoming the main medium of social communication, a key enabler for human rights and a fundamental component of democratic societies. Notably all new initiatives to develop and improve the European Union in the past decade have included a strong technological component. At the same time Europe has also shaped the Internet in numerous ways. The EU and its member states have been key actors in regulation, privacy and content as well as the basic economics of the Internet. It has even gone so far to develop a ‘digital foreign policy’ to spread European ideas about the Internet and push through European strategic interests globally. In conclusion, this course focusses on the power and the visions - on the present and the future - of Europe, the Internet and Human Rights. Europe has the power to shape the Internet for the better and the Internet has the power to shape Europe for the better. The visions of what the Internet is – or should be – forms a core component of both, European debates and European policy on ‘the Internet’.

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Teilnahmevoraussetzungen: Regelmäßige Anwesenheit; sehr gutes Englisch.

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Leistungsnachweis: Hausarbeit

Sprache: English