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States, Sovereignty, and International Organisations 

3/6/9 ECTS

Seminar: MASS Zentralmodul / Politik und Kultur // MES

Dienstag, 14.15 - 15.45 Uhr, Ort: AM 104, Veranstaltungsbeginn: 13.10.2015

The class discusses basic issues of the interface between international organisations and states. It is divided in three units that each have a distinctive subject. The first unit deals with the development of the modern international system and introduces major organisational principles and normative standards of international organizations. The second unit focuses on the internal politics of international organisations and deals with issues such as power, legitimacy, and the pathologies of international organisations. The third unit takes a member state perspective and analyses the legal and political obligations that come with this status.

Hinweise zur Veranstaltung: All literature will be supplied online via moodle.

Leistungsnachweis: For attaining certificates, students must give an oral presentation in class and submit two short essays. The students will be supported by Writing Fellows who feedback their essays and help improving their writing skills.

Sprache: Englisch