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Responsibility in EU Migration Policy

im Rahmen der Summerschool: "Understanding Borders, Security & Identity"

3/6/9 ECTS

ZB Politik, WPM 1, WPM 3

Donnerstag, 14-tägig, 11.00-14.15 Uhr, Room: AM 104, Course Start: 09.06.2016

European migration policy is one of the most contested policies of the European Union. It sits at the interface between global conflicts, European domestic policies and human rights. All three must be properly taken into consideration for understanding European policies in migration affairs. The class approaches this complex issue in six sessions per 4 hours (11am-3pm). The sessions combine lectures, team work and presentations of team work in plenary.

We start with an introduction to migration policy that traces its historical development and discusses the EU’s policies and law. The second session introduces the three concepts of interests, norms and responsibility and sketches the tensions between the three of them for policy-making. Session three takes a broader look at the EU and situates migration policy in the framework of EU foreign and security policy. The fourth session extends the analytical focus even more and analyses the regional and global dimension of migration policy. We will contrast this global focus in the fifth session with a close look on the domestic policies of most important member states and the growing impact of illiberal parties on EU policies. The final session will draw normative and analytical conclusions from the discussions of the class and deal with the future of responsible EU migration policy. The classes 1, 3 and 5 will be conducted in tandem with an introductory class on European integration.

All students are required to attend all six classes and to consult the reading list of the class before attending. For earning grades, students must participate in teamwork, give a presentation in class and hand in an essay of 3,500 words until the end of July. The essay must cover one of the topics of the class.

All literature is available on moodle (key: Migration)

Dates of seminar sessions:

9.6. Introduction to the EU: Migration Policy

16.6. Interests, Norms and Responsibility in EU Migration Policy

23.6. Introduction to the EU: Foreign and Security Policy

30.6. The global dimension of migration policy

7.7. Introduction to the EU: The new Illiberalism

14.7. The Future of Responsible EU Migration Policy