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Technology and International Relations. Linkages and Causality

3/6/9 ECTS

Seminar (Präsenzveranstaltung): MoDE: C2-B: Vertiefung praxisrelevanter Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse (Kompetenzmodule), MASS: Wahlpflichtmodul: Politik und Kultur, MES: Zentralbereich Politik

Veranstaltungsbeginn: 21.04.2022 Do, 11:15 - 12:45 Uhr Ort: CP 154

The class deals with the linkages and causalities between technology and international relations. It reviews different approaches to conceptualizing the interface and employs detailed case studies from security studies, standardization, the regulation of AI and related areas. It addresses the role of the European Union in a changing international environment and seeks to apply the acquired understanding to concrete phenomena in interactive discussion formats.

Literatur: All readings are posted on moodle.

Hinweise zur Veranstaltung: Moodle

Leistungsnachweise: Grades will be awarded for regular attendance and participation (25%), the discussion of one of the articles in the syllabus (25%) and a scientific essay (50%). For more detailed instructions of how to write essays and the criteria for assessments please visit the homepage of the chair.

Sprache: Englisch