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ViaMUN 2010

ViaMUN Viadrina Model United Nations 2010: Simulation of the United Nations Security Council:

Regional Stability and Integration in the Middle East concerning Iran`s Nuclear Program

3/5/6/8/9 ECTS

Blockseminar: BA/MA; BA Sozialwissenschaften-Einführung/Praxisrelevante Fertigkeiten//MICS WM Migration-Ethnizität, Ethnozentrismus, Praxisrelevate Fertigkeiten //MASS WM Migration-Ethnizität, Ethnozentrismus, Optionsmodul//MES

Block, Ort: AM 03, Veranstaltungsbeginn: 29.04.2010

The political conditions in the Middle East are tense: at least since 9/11 the Middle East has been dominated by two conflicting regional powers – Iran and Israel. What makes this rivalry explosive is the question of the use of nuclear technology. Whereas Iran is a subscriber to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – giving it the right to peaceful use of nuclear technology – other countries are less cooperative and therefore not limited by such treaties. But what could such a participation in a treaty possibly mean when a rival is considered to be unreasonable? To come to an agreement and international understanding will be hard work. Model United Nations serves as a means to experience these practices of international politics at the level of the United Nations. Students represent member states (or invited NGOs) during session, research their positions and debate on the basis of their country‘s policy. This year’s simulation will be held in the form of the United Nations Security Council and will discuss the topic of "Regional Stability and Integration in the Middle East concerning Iran's Nuclear Program". The first seminar session serves as an orientation for subsequent individual preparation; the second part is reserved for the actual MUNsimulation of the UN Security Council Session with the virtual experience of diplomacy.

Literatur: Gareis, Sven Bernhard (2002): Die Vereinten Nationen: Aufgaben, Instrumente und Reformen. Opladen: Leske und Budrich; Hüfner, Klaus (1995): UNO-Planspiele: Model United Nations (MUN). Bonn: UNO-Verlag.

Hinweise zur Veranstaltung: Good command of the English language is required.

Leistungsnachweis: Participants must attend all meetings, prepare an oral presentation and a term paper on a particular topic and do specific preparation for the MUN session (position paper, opening speech, policy research, training in conference rules). Further requirements may vary depending on your study programme. For details see:

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen: The number of participants is limited. Please send a binding application including a short letterof motivation, name, field and year of study, as well as three country / NGO preferences by April 21st 2010 to (Current member countries of the Security Council: Please visit our homepage before applying: or visit our information desks 13.-15. April, 13-14h, GD-Foyer.

Sprache: Englisch