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Since 2018        European University Viadrina, Professor of Entangled History of Ukraine

2016–2017        University of Geneva, Research Fellow

2017                  Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) Vienna, Short-Term Fellow                    

2015–2016        Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin, Long-Term Fellow

2014–2015        Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellow (at the Institute for Slavic Studies, Humboldt University Berlin                              and Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam)

2012–2014        Institute for Advanced Study (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin), Fellow

2010–2012        Ivan Krypiakevych Institute for Ukrainian Studies, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv, Senior                            Research Fellow

2010                  Centre d’études des mondes russe, caucasien et centre-européen (CERCEC), Paris, Guest                                  Researcher

2008–2010        Institute for Strategic Studies, Kyiv, Senior Research Fellow

2007–2008        Institute for European Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Senior                                            Research Fellow

2007                  Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Amsterdam, Guest Researcher

2004–2006        Trier University, Research Fellow

2005                  PhD (Kandydat istorychnych nauk) in History at the Ivan Krypiakevych Institute for Ukrainian                                  Studies, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv.
                          PhD Thesis „Scholarship in Exile. Scientific and Educational Activities of Ukrainian Emigration in                            inter-war Poland, 1919–1939

2003–2005        Ivan Krypiakevych Institute for Ukrainian Studies, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv,                                        Doctoral student

2001–2003        M.A. Student in the Cultural Studies of Eastern- and Central Europe at the University of Warsaw

                          (M. A. in Cultural Studies with high honours)

                          M.A. Thesis „Polish travelogues of the Balkans in the 19th century“.

1996–2001        Student of History at the Dnipropetrovsk University

                          (M.A. in History with high honours)

                          M.A. Thesis „Volodymyr Parkhomenko (1880–1942) and his historical works

Academic management

Seit 2015         Berlin-Brandenburg Ukraine Initiative / PRISMA UKRAЇNA Research Network Eastern Europe at the Forum Transregional Studies Berlin, Director

2012-2017       Co-founder and editor of the academic portal "

2007-2008       Institute of European Studies, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Deputy Director

2006-2010       International Renaissance Foundation, Programme Line "Scientific Translation and Social Capital", Chair of the Expert Group

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the journals "Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society" and "Problemy istorii Holokostu [The Problems of the History of the Holocaust]". (Dnipro, Ukraine).

Summer schools, academies, conferences, and lecture series organisation

September 2021        Transregional Academy The Shadows of Empires: Imperial Legacies and Mythologies in East Central Europe in Sofia. Organised by Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin together with Center for Governance and Culture in Europe (University of St. Gallen), German Historical Institute Warsaw and Centre for Advanced Study Sofia.

September 2021         International Conference Disinformation: Open Societies, Hidden Wars.
Organised by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb).
Evangelische Akademie Tutzing.

June 2019                  Transregional Academy After Violence. The (Im-)possibility of Understanding and                                            Remembering in Dnipro.

                                    Organised by the Forum Transregionale Studien in cooperation with Center for                                                        Governance and Culture in Europe (University of St. Gallen), Centre for Applied                                                      Anthropology (Kyiv) and Tkuma Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies.

                                    Initiator and academic coordinator.

May 2019                    International Conference Rethinking Ukrainian Studies: Locally, Regionally,                                                      Transnationally.

                                    European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder.

December 2018          International Conference Divided Memories, Shared Memories. Poland, Russia,                                                Ukraine: History Mirrored in Literature and Cinema. With Korine Amacher and Eric                                            Anouble (Geneva).

                                     Geneva University

June 2018                    International Conference Official History in Eastern Europe. Transregional                                                         PerspectivesWith Korine Amacher (Geneva) and Miloš Režnik (Warsaw).

                                     German Historical Institute Warsaw.

May 2018                     Ukrainian-Russian Historians Meeting Dialogue-Reconciliation-Mutual                                                                 Understanding. With Carmen Scheide (University Bern).

                                     Kloster Kappel am Albis in Switzerland.

March 2018                  Winter Academy Revisiting the Nation. Transcultural Contact Zones in Eastern                                             Europe in Bucharest

                                     Steering committee: Pascal Bonnard (Jean Monet University in St. Etienne), Rory                                                   Finnin (University of Cambridge), Susi K. Frank (HU Berlin), Olena Haleta (Ivan Franko                                         University, Lviv), Ulrich Schmid (University of St. Gallen), Annette Werberger                                                           (Viadrina).                                                        

                                     Supported by the University of St. Gallen.

                                     Initiator and academic coordinator.

June 2017                    International Conference Reading War Through History: (Central) European                                                      Perspectives on the “Ukraine Crisis” at the German Historical Institute Warsaw (with                                          Miloš Reznik).

March 2017                   International Conference The Soviet and Post-Soviet Fabric of Academic History.
Geneva University.

Summer 2016   Berlin-Brandenburg Ukraine Initiative: Lecture Series „Constructing Eastern                                                       Europe. Geographies of Power in the 20th and 21st Centuries“ (in Berlin and                                                   Frankfurt/Oder) with talks by Nataliya Gumenyuk (Kyiv), Ilia Kalinin (St. Petersburg),                                               Olesya Khromeychuk (London), Catherine Gouseff (Paris-Berlin) and Jan C.                                                           Behrends (Potsdam). Supported by Marga und Kurt Möllgaard-Stiftung.

December 2015/16  Winter Academy Beyond History and Identity: New Perspectives on                                                               Aesthetics, Politics, and Society in Eastern Europe in Berlin.  Organised by Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin together with Max Weber Stiftung, Humboldt University in Berlin and European University Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder.

Academic awards

2015                      Baron Velge Prize, Free University of Brussels

2013                      Yuri Shevelov Prize (for the book “The Histories for Home Use. The Polish-Russian-Ukrainian                                Triangle of Memory”)

2008                      Jerzy Giedroyc Prize (for the book “Scholarship in Exile: The Scholarly and Educational                                          Activity of the Ukrainian Emigration in interwar Poland (1919–1939)”

Professional Membership

The German Association of University Professors and Lecturers

German Association for East European Studies (DGO)

Ukrainian PEN-Club