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Public Lectures

Public lectures, Conference papers, Panel discussions (selected)

06/2020         Lecture Ukraine in Soviet Cinema 

                      Institut für Slawistik, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (via Zoom)

06/2020         Guest Lecture “Ukraine is not Russia”. How to grasp the post-Soviet transformation of Ukraine

                      Boris Jelcin Museum, Jekaterinburg (via Zoom)

01/2020         Osteuropakolloquium Lecture Ukrainian Soviet Patriotism and Ukrainian Soviet Historiography.                                   Rethinking Historical Phenomena 

                      Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder 

09/2019         Guest Lecture City without Myth. How to understand Dnipro(petrovsk)?

                      Forum Regionum, Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture 

08/2019         Guest Lecture Dnipro(petrovsk): Writing Transnational History of a Ukrainian City im Rahmen der Viadrinicum Sommerchule “Transsectoral UrbanLab: Participatory Urbanism Beyond Metropolies”

                      Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder 

04/2019         Keynote Dnipropetrovs`kyj tekst Viktora Petrova auf der Konferenz „Viktor Petrov-Domontovych: mapuvannia tvorchosti pys`mennyka“ 

                      Jagellonian Universität, Krakau 

04/2019         Lecture Dnipropetrovsk: Soviet “Closed” City and its Paradoxes


                      Institut für Slawistik, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin 

03/2019         Workshop Paper Soviet Ukrainian Patriotism in Brezhnev`s Dnipropetrovsk 

                      Institut für den Wissenschaften vom Menschen (IWM), Wien

01/2019         Keynote German-Ukrainian Cooperation in Education and Science: Successes, Trends,                                        Perspectives at the Celebration of 25 Years of German-Ukrainian Scientific-Technological                                      Cooperation

                      Taras Schevchenko National University, Kyiv

12/2018         Paper The Ukrainian Maidan 2013–2014 as a Political and Cultural Phenomenon at the                                          Conference “Relational Studies on Global Conflicts. Toward a New Approach to Contemporary                              Crises”

                      Institute of Social Sciences of Serbia, Belgrade

10/2018         Keynote ‘Central Europe(s)’ to the East of the Oder: History and Politics at the Conference “De-                            constructing Central Europe: From Mitteleuropa to Visions of a Common Europe, 1918–2018”

                      European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder

10/2018         Panel Discussion Erste Republik”, “Zweite Republik”, “Weimarer Republik” und “der Staat, den                              keiner wollte” – Parallele Anfänge 1918 in der Mitte Europas mit diversen Ausgängen” at the                                  Conference „Seit 1918... Staatsentstehung, Monarchienzerfall und Revolutionserfahrung im                                  Rückspiegel nationaler Jubiläen“

                      German Historical Institute Warsaw

08/2018         Guest Lecture Understanding Violence and War at the Viadrinicum Summer School “Transsectoral                        Peace Lab. Hybrid Solutions to Hybrid Conflicts? Academia, Civil Society, and the Arts”

                      European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder

07/2018         Guest Lecture Wołyn-43 in Polish-Russian-Ukrainian Triangle of Memory

                      Imré Kertesz Kolleg Jena

05/2018         Lunch Lecture Leninfall – what now? History Politics in Ukraine Five Years after the Maidan

                      Körber History Forum Berlin

04/2018         Semester Opening Lecture Political Power and the Critical Stance: Ukrainian Studies Before and                          After the Maidan

                      Institute for European Studies, European Universite Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder

03/2018         Guest Lecture Heroes Do Not Die? On Commemoration in Post-Maidan Ukraine

                      Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø

01/2018         Paper The Genocides and Ethnic Cleansings in the 20th Century History of Ukraine at the 11th                              Round Table “The Ukrainian Society and Holocaust Remembrance”

                      The Ukrainian Centre for the Holocaust Studies, Kyiv

12/2017         Lecture Die Ukraine 1914–1921. Kriege. Revolutionen. Kontinuität

                      European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder, Osteuropakolloquim

10/2017         Paper The Jews of Ekaterinoslav in the Ukrainian and Russian Revolutions, 1917–1919 at the                              Conference “Revolutionary Ukraine: A Reflection on 1917 and its Aftermath”

                      Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Wien

09/2017         Paper The Revolutions on the Periphery. Ekaterinoslav in 1917–1919 at the Conference “Russia                          1917 and the Dissolution of the Old Order in Europe. Biographical Itineraries, Individual                                          Experiences, Autobiographical Reflections”

                      University Basel

06/2017         Guest Lecture The Paradoxes of Soviet and Post-Soviet Commemorative Practices in                                            Dnipro(petrovsk)

                      University Heidelberg, Historical Seminar

05/2017         Panel Discussion 1917/1918 in der Ukraine: Was prägte die Entwicklungen stärker – die soziale                            oder die nationale Frage? at the 6th European History Forum ‘Das Epochenjahr 1917: (Alb-)                                  Traum der Emanzipation? Rückblende auf eine Zäsur in Ost- und Südosteuropa’

                      Heinrich Böll Foundation Berlin

02/2017         Panel Discussion The Future of Russianess in Post-Maidan Ukraine

                      Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) Vienna

01/2017         Lecture “Heroes Do Not Die?” New Commemorative Practices in Post-Maidan Dnipro(petrovsk)

                      Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) Vienna

12/2016         Lecture How and Why the Soviet Union Collapsed

                      Freie Universität Berlin, Zentrum für Osteuropa- und Internationale Studien (ZOIS)

11/2016         Lecture Donbas as the “Other”. Ukrainian Discourses of the Borderland Region at War

                      University of Amsterdam

11/2016         Lecture Imperial Ekaterinoslav as a Russian-Ukrainian-Jewish Contact Zone

                      Bern University

11/2016         Panel Discussion “Challenges of Decommunization in Ukraine”

                      School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London

10/2016         Roundtable “New Challenges for Ukrainian Studies” at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies                        40th Anniversary Conference “Ukrainian Studies in Canada: Texts and Contexts

                       University of Alberta, Edmonton

09/2016          Usages of History – Chances for Reconciliation: „The Great Patriotic War“ and „the Ukraine                                   Crisis“, Keynote at the Conference „Collapse of Memory – Memory of Collapse“

                       Lund University

07/2016         The Holodomor 1932–33 in Post-Soviet Politics of Memory, Georg Arnhold Symposium on                                     Education for Sustainable Peace

                      Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research

06/2016         Maidan and War. Transregional Approaches to the “Ukraine Crisis”, A Paper at the Conference                             “More than just Blue and Yellow: Region and Nation in Ukraine`s History”

                      Verband der Osteurohistorikerinnen und –historiker, Berlin

05/2016         Panel Discussion People Power: Polish Solidarity and the Ukrainian Revolution

                      University of Cambridge

03/2016         Lecture Without Donbas or Without Galicia? Two Sides of Internal Orientalism in Post-Maidan                                Ukraine

                      Paris, L`Ecole des Hautes Etude en Sciences Sociales

03/2016         Keynote at the Conference „Memory and Media in the Crisis around Ukraine“

                      University of Amsterdam

03/2016         Lecture Secessionist Conflict in Caucasus and Ukraine

                      Institute for Advanced Study, Vienna

02/2016         Moderating of the Panel at the Conference Law-Making and Law-Interpreting: Russia, 17th to 21st Centuries

                      Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung

11/2015         Lecture Postsowjetische Hybridität – auf den Umwegen der ukrainischen Transformation nach                              1991

                       Europäische Akademie Berlin

11/2015         Open Lecture Dnipropetrovsk: histoire d`une ville secrete during The Festival of Ideas Mode                                d’emploi. Un Festival des Idees“

                       Bibliothèque Municipale du 1er-Lyon

10/2015         Panel discussion Die Ukraine im Herbst 2015. Einblicke in ein Land im Ausnahmezustand

                      Universität Basel

09/2015         Panel Discussion at the Conference Europe–Russia–Ukraine. Searching for a New European                                Order

                      The 6th Annual Bronislaw Geremek Foreign Policy Conference, Warsaw

07/2015         Guest Lecture at the Graduation Party Neue Perspektiven für Osteuropastudien nach dem Maidan

                      Clubhaus der Freien Universität Berlin

05/2015         Multi-cultural history of Dnipropetrovsk and its Implications for the current situation, Historical                                Seminar, Prof. Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg

                      Justus-Liebig Universität Gießen

05/2015         Panel discussion at the Conference The Legacy of the World War II Reconsidered after 70 Years

                      European Solidarity Center, Gdańsk

03/2015         Open Lecture The Ghosts of the Second World War. How History is Being Used in the Current                              War in Ukraine

                      Université Libre de Bruxelles

12/2014         Paper Galician Reductionism, or Inner Orientalism in Ukrainian pro-European intellectual                                      discourse, at the Conference „Imperiale Emotionen’. Zur Konzeptualisierung ost-westlicher                                    Affektkulturen angesichts der Ukraine-Krise“

                      Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung, Berlin

11/2014         Two Ukraines’. The Intellectual Discourse before and after the Euromaidan, Oberseminar zur                                Osteuropäische Geschichte

                       Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München

11/2014         Open Lecture Ukraine as a Battleground of Memories

                      University of Tartu

10/2014         Paper Language and identity in Russian-Ukrainian literary relations at the Conference                                           „Geschichtete Identitäten. Erzählende Selbst- und Fremdbestimmungen in (post)imperialen                                    Kontexten Osteuropas“,

                      Universität Basel

09/2014         Panel discussion Der Konflikt um die Ukraine. Historische Hintergründe aus ukrainischer,                                      russischer und deutscher Perspektive

                      Deutscher Historikertag

09/2014         Panel Discussion September 1939 – Deutschland, Polen, die Sowjetunion und die Westmächte.                            Europäische Perspektiven auf den Beginn des Zweiten Weltkriegs vor 75 Jahren

                       Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin

08/2014          Opening Lecture Inclusive Ukrainian Studies: Thinking About New Approaches

                       XIX. Greifswalder Ucrainicum

05/2014          Guest Lecture Jak zrozumieć Wschodnią Ukrainę?

                       PEN-Klub, Zamek Królewski w Warszawie

5/2014            Evening Talk The Crimean War and a New World War

                       Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin

05/2014          The Volhynian Massacre 1943 and its Representations,

                       Historical Seminar, Prof. Susanne Schattenberg

                       Universiät Bremen, Osteuropa Institut

4/2014            Open Lecture “Two Ukraines” and the Euromaidan, delivered at the University of Pennsylvania                           (Philadelphia), New York University, Princeton University, and the University of Illinois                                   (Chicago)

11/2013         The Unknown Massacre within the Second World War. The Ukrainian-Polish Conflict, its Memories                        and Consequences for the European History

                       Paris, L'École des hautes études en sciences sociales

05/2013          Workshop “Phantom” and “Real” Borders in post-Soviet Ukraine

                       Phantomgrenzen in Ostmitteleuropa, Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin

05/2013          WissLit Lecture The Jewish Past and the Jewish Memory of Dnipropetrovsk

                       Institut für Slawistik, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

04/2013          Paper Memory Wars in post-Soviet Ukraine: Search for an Explanatory Framework at the                                       Conference „Russian and Ukrainian Nationalism: Entangled Histories“                                                                     Harriman Institute, Columbia University

02/2013          Brezhnev`s Closed City. The Paradoxes of Dnipropetrovsk

                       Geistwissenschaftliches Zentrum (GWZO), Universität Leipzig

12/2012          Dnipropetrovsk beyond Ukrainian history,

                       Mitgliederversammlung der Deutsche Assoziation der Ukrainistik für das Jahr 2012, Berlin

11/2012         “Unsere” Erinnerungen und die Erinnerungen der “Anderen”. Der schwierige Umgang mit der                                 Vergangenheit in der heutigen Ukraine,

                       Europäische Akademie Berlin

06/2012          Lew Kopelew und die ukrainische Literatur at the Conference „Dissens und Literatur in der                                     Sowjetunion“.

                       Berlin, Heinrich Böll Stiftung

05/2012         Paper Ukrainian Images of World War II. How to deal with “their” and “our” violence? at the                                    Conference „Europe between Hitler and Stalin: The Bloodlands in European History and Memory,                          a debate“

                      Université Libre de Bruxelles

02/2012         10th Stasiuk Lecture in Ukrainian Studies Lieu de non-memoir. A Ukrainian City and its Russian,                            Soviet and Jewish traces

                      University of Cambridge

12/2011         Open Lecture New Eastern Europe between the EU and Russia

                      Institute of International Relations, Vilnius University

11/2011         Panel Discussion Umstrittene Erinnerung. Der Zweite Weltkrieg in Politik und Gedenkkultur der                             Ukraine,

                      Vertretung des Landes Brandenburg in Berlin

10/2011         Round table at the Conference Istoriia stalinizma: Prinuditel`nyj trud v SSSR. Ekonomika. Politika.                        Pamiat`.

                      Boris Yeltsyn Presidential Centre / RGASPI, Moscow

10/2011         Guest Lecture for Ukrainian school teachers Misce Holocostu v suchasnij ukraїns`kij istorii ta                                  pamjati.

                       Ukrainian Centre for the Holocaust Research, Kyiv

07/2011          Lecture Nationalising Memory in Post-Soviet Space at the Conference „Memory and Theory in                               Eastern Europe“

                       University of Cambridge

06/2011          Panel Discussion 1941 – The German War of Extermination, Holocaust and the Ukrainian                                     Society, organized by the EVZ Foundation


05/2011         Lecture Ukraina i Rossia: „konflikty pamiati” i perspektivy vzaimoponimaniia at the Conference                             „Andrej Sacharov: trevoga i nadezhda”

                      Moscow, Sakharov Centre „Peace, Progress, Human Rights“

04/2011         Paper Thinking about the Empire in post-Soviet Russia, Ukraine and Belarus at the Conference                           “Dopo l’unione Sovietica: I Diritti Minoranze in Europa Orientale e nell`ex-URSS“

                       Museo Diffuso della Resistenza, Turin

03/2011          Seminar talk Thinking About Memory in the Polish-Russian-Ukrainian Triangle. Tendencies,                                  Common Places, Prospects

                      University of Cambridge

01/2011          Lecture at the Klaus Zernack Kolloqium Politics of memory in Ukraine in comparison to Russia                               and Poland,

                       Zentrum für historische Forschung der Polnischen Akademie der Wissenschaften Berlin

12/2010          Post-Soviet Transformations of the Institutions of Historical Research in Ukraine,

                       Paris, Centre d`études slaves   

09/2010         Moderation of the panel Trudna pamieć o Sprawiedliwych wśród Narodów Świata – historyczna                            perspektywa polska i ukraińska at the Workshop „Praca z “trudną pamięcia” w lokalnych                                        społecznościach. Polsko-ukraińska wymiana doświadczeń”

                      Lublin, Ośrodek ‘Brama Grodzka – Teatr NN’

11/2009         Panel discussion Pamięć i polityka. Polska-Rosja-Ukraina

                      Fundacja Stefana Batorego, Warszawa

10/2009         Open Lecture Zwrot ku Imperium we współczesnej historiografii rosyjskiej

                      Instytut Historii Polskiej Akademii Nauk, Warszawa

09/2009         Moderation of the Panel at the Conference The Holocaust by Bullets in Ukraine. A Conference for                        Researches and Educators

                      Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Amsterdam

06/2009         Lecture Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in the late 18th–early 19th century: Problems, Research                                  Perspectives at the „Shared Historical Narrative Meeting“, Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter Initiative.

                       Salzburg Global Seminar

04/2009          Lecture Ukraine: Historical Legacies and Politics of Memory at the Conference Landmark 1989:                           Glimpses on Central and Eastern European Societies Twenty Years After the System Change“.

                       Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Berlin

12/2008         Lecture Problemy osmyslenija stalinizma v postsovetskoj Ukraine, at the Conference „Istorija                                stalinizma: Itogi i problemy izucheniia“.

                      Moscow, International Memorial

07/2005         Paper School textbooks on history in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine,

                      20th International Congress of Historical Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney